Top BRC-20 Tokens in 2024: Market Trends and Opportunities

April Bewell

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Since their debut and launch in March 2023, BRC-20 tokens have seen astronomical growth,Over 14,000 projects utilize Ordinals to create these innovative assets, propelling their collective market cap to a staggering $2.85 billion (as of February 2024), according to the latest data from CoinMarketCap. This reflects the significant growth and market presence of BRC-20 tokens within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, even signaling mass adoption into the broader crypto economy. 

Through a process known as “tokenization”, BRC-20 allows for the creation of bespoke digital assets on top of Bitcoin’s battle-tested network. Think of each satoshi as a potential “smart asset,” holding unique data. Each individual satoshi can essentially function as its own smart asset, containing unique data via JSON payloads inscribed through Ordinals.

This has huge implications, as BRC-20 tokens represent Bitcoin’s monumental leap into the realm of programmable value. Through Ordinals, unique token-address pairs directly inscribed into satoshis, BRC-20 introduces unmatched flexibility and efficiency. 

This breakthrough streamlines everything from seamless minting to streamlined trading and opens doors to endless innovation. Leading tokens like Orange ($ORNJ) go beyond mere functionality, offering features like staking, diversified revenue streams, and loyalty programs, all secured by Bitcoin’s robust infrastructure.

But how do we rank the BRC-20 tokens? In this article, we have chosen the 10 BRC-20 tokens currently by Market Cap. But while market cap is one obvious criterion, we have also included other factors that can affect the value and potential of a token such as innovation, liquidity, utility, community, or governance.

Based on these criteria, we have compiled a list of the top 10 BRC-20 tokens that you should keep an eye on in 2024. These are not financial advice. Please do your due diligence before investing in any cryptocurrency.

Ordiswap (ORDI): A Pioneering PRC-20 Token in 2024

Ordi (ORDI) holds a significant place in the BRC-20 landscape, being the first token launched on this standard. Built upon the Ordinals protocol, it leverages Bitcoin’s satoshis (SATS) – the smallest divisible unit – to create unique digital assets. By inscribing data like text, videos, or images onto SATS, Ordinals facilitates the creation of NFTs and other distinct tokens on the Bitcoin network.

Launched in March 2023, Ordi (ORDI) etched its name in history as the very first BRC-20 token. But beyond its pioneering spirit, let’s dive into what makes Ordi stand out in the ever-evolving BRC-20 landscape:


  • First-mover advantage: As the first BRC-20 token, Ordi enjoys name recognition and established presence within the early ecosystem.
  • Leveraging Bitcoin: By utilizing Bitcoin’s security and established network, Ordi potentially benefits from its inherent reputation and trust.
  • Multiple use cases: Beyond just being a collectible, Ordi has potential applications in areas like governance, proof-of-ownership, and identity management on the Bitcoin network.


  • Competition: Several established BRC-20 tokens offer diverse functionalities and use cases, potentially outpacing Ordi in specific areas.
  • Limited information: Publicly available details about Ordi’s technology, team, and roadmap might be limited compared to other projects.
  • Price volatility: As with any cryptocurrency, Ordi’s price is subject to market fluctuations and inherent risks.


  • Exchange Availability: ORDI is currently listed on CoinMarketCap and is available on large crypto exchanges such as Binance and OKX. It trades on DEXs like UNISAT, indicating wide reach and potentially higher liquidity.
  • Recent Price Movement: ORDI maintains consistent trading volume, suggesting dedicated interest within the niche Ordinals community. Following the announcement to list on Binance Futures, the Ordi token (ORDI) experienced a notable surge, with a 6% increase in the last 24 hours. Currently trading at $72.6, ORDI’s trading volumes also saw a significant rise of 13%, reaching $159.46 million. Additionally, the market capitalization of ORDI surged by 5.6% to $1.52 billion, according to CoinMarketCap data.


  • Facilitating Ordinals Inscriptions: Ordi facilitates the process of inscribing data onto Bitcoin’s blockchain through Ordinals. This allows users to link various kinds of information (text, images, etc.) to individual satoshis. ORDI supports innovative staking mechanisms and liquidity solutions, offering users the opportunity to engage in DeFi activities such as liquidity provision, token swapping, and potentially governance.


  • Automated Market Making: ORDI introduces DeFi functionalities like Automated Market Making (AMM) to Bitcoin, expanding its use beyond digital currency into decentralized finance.


  • Emerging Engagement: Ordi seems to have a large community primarily interacting on Telegram and social media platforms like Twitter. 


  • Participation: The ORDI token within the Ordiswap ecosystem involves governance features that enable token holders to participate in decision-making processes, such as proposing or voting on protocol upgrades and changes. This aligns with the decentralized and community-driven nature of many DeFi projects, allowing stakeholders to shape the platform’s future development and policies.


SATS (Ordinals): 1000SATS: A Meme Token Honoring Bitcoin’s Legacy

Next up, we have 1000SATS, a BRC-20 token paying homage to Satoshi Nakamoto, the enigmatic creator of Bitcoin. This “meme token” isn’t your average cryptocurrency – each 1000SATS token represents 1,000 times the smallest unit of Bitcoin, a “satoshi”.

Key Features:

  • Honoring Satoshi: This token celebrates the founding father of cryptocurrency, potentially appealing to Bitcoin enthusiasts.
  • Early Mover: As one of the first BRC-20 tokens, it established itself in the ecosystem, boasting impressive trading volume in the top 100 globally.
  • Widespread Accessibility: With a total supply of 2.1 quadrillion tokens, it offers broader accessibility compared to Bitcoin’s limited supply.
  • Exchange Listings: Traded on major platforms like Binance, it provides convenient access for potential investors.

Current Landscape:

While 1000SATS reached its all-time high of $0.0009348 in December 2023, it has undergone a correction, currently trading around $0.000528. This could present a buying opportunity for some investors seeking an entry point.

Moving Forward:

High Liquidity: Its connection to Bitcoin and presence on major BRC-20 platforms translates to ample liquidity, offering easy buying and selling.

Enhanced Utility: SATS acts as a micro-transaction powerhouse, facilitating smaller payments and wider adoption within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Think faster settlements for everyday purchases or tipping content creators.

Granular Innovation: By representing a smaller slice of Bitcoin, SATS unlocks new use cases, potentially driving broader usage and innovation across the Bitcoin network.

Large Community: As a direct representation of Bitcoin, SATS benefits from a vast and engaged community already interested in Bitcoin’s scalability and usability.

Aligned Governance: SATS, inherently tied to Bitcoin, has the existing community consensus mechanisms and governance strategies already established within the Bitcoin network.

Note: SATS and 1000SATS represent the same asset with different denominations (similar to cents and dollars).


TRAC (TRAC): Bringing Decentralized Transparency to Ordinals

The Ordinals protocol allows for inscribing data onto Bitcoin’s satoshis, opening up a world of possibilities for tokenization and digital assets. Yet, tracking activity within these metaprotocols often relies on centralized systems, contradicting the core principles of decentralization inherent in Bitcoin. Trac disrupts this paradigm by offering a decentralized network for tracking Ordinals metaprotocols. Think of it as a transparent and public ledger where anyone can join, contribute, and benefit. This empowers users to:

  • Track metaprotocol activity: Gain real-time insights into token issuance, transfers, and balances within various Ordinals metaprotocols.
  • Contribute to the network: Run Trac nodes to secure the network and earn rewards for your participation.
  • Build decentralized applications: Leverage Trac’s decentralized infrastructure to develop innovative applications for the Ordinals ecosystem.

By fostering a decentralized approach to tracking, Trac promotes transparency, security, and community involvement within the Ordinals landscape.



  • Limited Market Availability: Due to its niche focus on Ordinals metaprotocols, TRAC isn’t listed on major exchanges, reducing its overall liquidity. However, a couple of centralized exchanges such as Gate.IO and and Bimart lists the token. it’s available on DEXs like Uniswap and SushiSwap, catering to dedicated users.
  • Moderate Trading Volume: While not listed in the top rankings, TRAC maintains consistent trading volume, indicating sustained interest within the Ordinals community.


  • Decentralized Ordinals Tracking: TRAC empowers users to track activity within Ordinals metaprotocols transparently and publicly. This allows for monitoring token issuance, transfers, and balances, fostering trust and security.
  • Data Availability and Insights: Through Trac’s network, anyone can access historical data and gain valuable insights into the Ordinals ecosystem, potentially benefiting developers and analysts.


  • Bridging Decentralization Gaps: Trac addresses the centralized tracking issue in Ordinals, promoting a more decentralized and secure approach to the ecosystem’s growth.
  • Potential for Future Applications: Trac’s infrastructure could pave the way for building diverse applications within the Ordinals space, further expanding its utility.


  • Focused Interest: Primarily targeting users within the Ordinals community, Trac attracts individuals focused on decentralized tracking and Ordinals development.
  • Growing Engagement: While not as vast as mainstream crypto communities, Trac actively engages with its users through online forums and social media, fostering a dedicated community.


  • Token-Based Voting: TRAC token holders have voting rights to participate in key decisions concerning the network’s future development and direction.
  • Community-Driven Development: Governance proposals and voting mechanisms ensure community involvement in shaping the Trac ecosystem.


Multibit (MUBI):  Multibit: Unlocking the Multiverse of Blockchain with Seamless Connectivity

Imagine a world where cryptocurrencies can freely speak to each other. That’s the vision behind Multibit, the bridge token powering the innovative Multiverse Protocol. This unique platform breaks down barriers between popular blockchains like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Solana, enabling them to talk through smart contracts and oracles.

At the heart of it all is Multibit: the versatile connector that makes cross-chain interactions possible. Its magic lies in facilitating seamless token transfers and instant stablecoin trades across the Multiverse ecosystem. This interoperability opens a universe of possibilities:

  • Developers: Build powerful multichain applications by synergistically tapping into resources from different blockchains.
  • Users: Enjoy a unified, decentralized experience without needing to navigate isolated blockchain islands.

The Multiverse Protocol and Multibit are constantly evolving:

  • Progressive updates add new features and enhance functionality.
  • Multi-network buzz surrounds the project, recognizing its potential to shape the future of blockchain interactions.


  • Limited Market Presence: As a relatively new project focusing on a niche use case, MUBI isn’t widely listed on major exchanges, impacting its overall liquidity. However, it’s available on DEXs like Uniswap and SushiSwap, catering to early adopters and enthusiasts.
  • Moderate Trading Volume: While not boasting top rankings, MUBI maintains consistent trading volume, indicating sustained interest within the cross-chain token transfer community.


  • Seamless Cross-Chain Transfers: MUBI facilitates seamless transfers between BRC-20 and ERC-20 tokens, addressing a key challenge in the fragmented blockchain landscape. This opens up new possibilities for DeFi users and token holders looking to diversify their portfolios across chains.
  • Potential Ecosystem Expansion: As cross-chain functionality becomes increasingly crucial, MUBI’s utility could expand to serve other chains and protocols, enhancing its overall value proposition.


  • Simplifying Cross-Chain Interactions: MUBI simplifies the often complex process of cross-chain token transfers, potentially attracting users who lack technical expertise. This could contribute to broader adoption of DeFi and blockchain technology.
  • Building Interoperable Future: MUBI aligns with the vision of interoperable blockchains, fostering a more connected and efficient crypto ecosystem.


  • Early Adopters and Developers: The community primarily comprises early adopters and developers interested in cross-chain functionality and the future of DeFi.
  • Growing Engagement: While not yet a mainstream crypto community, MUBI fosters active engagement through online forums and social media, attracting dedicated supporters.


  • Community-Driven Decisions: The specific governance structure for MUBI is still under development. However, there’s an emphasis on community involvement in guiding the project’s future direction. This could involve token-based voting or other mechanisms.


Lever: LeverFi & LeverPro: Empowering Bitcoin DeFi


 LeverFi is an innovation platform that focuses on delivering new and exciting opportunities in decentralized financ. It aims to deliver unique solutions in the decentralized finance space with exciting new offerings in the BTC ecosystem in 2024.


Within the burgeoning landscape of Bitcoin DeFi, LeverFi and LeverPro stand as interconnected entities working towards a shared goal: fostering innovation and growth. Here’s a closer look at each platform’s contributions:

LeverFi: Building a Secure Foundation

LeverFi serves as the backbone of this collaboration, providing institutional-grade blockchain infrastructure for established projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Acting as a validator and sequencer, they offer delegators the potential for improved yields and uptime. Security and reliability are paramount here, ensuring the safety of delegated assets.

LeverPro: Launching the Future of DeFi

LeverPro leverages LeverFi’s expertise to act as a curated launchpad, specifically focused on promising BRC-20 DeFi projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem. Their rigorous vetting process ensures only high-potential initiatives with impactful capabilities onboard. By offering exposure, support, and a streamlined path to success, LeverPro empowers aspiring DeFi projects to flourish.

Synergy for a Thriving Ecosystem

The combined efforts of LeverFi and LeverPro aim to achieve several key objectives:

  • Stimulating innovation and growth: Both platforms actively encourage the development of novel and impactful DeFi solutions within the Bitcoin ecosystem.
  • Securing the foundation: Robust infrastructure and reliable validation services provided by LeverFi ensure a strong and secure foundation for all participants.
  • Empowering future generations: Through curated launchpads and targeted support, LeverPro fosters the emergence of the next wave of promising DeFi projects.

By working together, LeverFi and LeverPro strive to create a fertile ground for the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem to flourish, benefitting established players, aspiring innovators, and ultimately, the entire user community.


  • Limited Token Availability: LEVER, the native token, doesn’t boast major exchange listings, impacting broader liquidity. However, it’s available on DEXs like Uniswap and SushiSwap, catering to dedicated users.
  • Moderate Trading Volume: While not ranked top, LEVER maintains consistent trading volume, indicating sustained user interest.


  • Institutional-Grade Infrastructure: LeverFi provides secure and reliable infrastructure for top-tier blockchains and projects, attracting users seeking enhanced security and performance.
  • Delegation and Staking: Users can delegate their tokens to validators on supported chains, potentially earning rewards.
  • Launchpad Services (LeverPro): LeverFi’s subsidiary, LeverPro, acts as a launchpad for promising DeFi projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem, fostering innovation and growth.


  • Validator and Sequencer Services: LeverFi’s core contribution lies in its role as a validator and sequencer for various blockchains, contributing to network security and efficiency.
  • Cross-Chain Bridge Development: Their upcoming cross-chain bridge aims to connect different blockchains, improving interoperability within the DeFi landscape.
  • Focus on Bitcoin DeFi: LeverPro’s launchpad specifically targets innovative DeFi projects within the Bitcoin ecosystem, promoting its growth and adoption.


  • Growing User Base: LeverFi cultivates an active community through online forums, social media engagement, and educational initiatives.
  • Focus on Developers and Validators: The community primarily comprises developers, validators, and DeFi enthusiasts interested in the platform’s technology and offerings.


  • Token-Based Voting: LEVER token holders have voting rights on proposals regarding the platform’s development and future direction.
  • Community-Driven Decisions: LeverFi aims to incorporate community feedback and voting outcomes into its decision-making processes.

OXBT: Ordinals’ Wildest Meme Rides Bitcoin to Decentralized Glory

Introducing OXBT, the reigning meme king and pioneer token of the Ordinals space! This community-minted gem charmed over 15,000 “degens” with its fair launch and amassed a massive 165M supply fueled by pure hype and positive vibes. Forget team tokens and centralized control – OXBT embraces decentralization to the core, placing even Satoshi’s coins in community hands.

But OXBT doesn’t just preach decentralization, it lives it. Liquid OXBT fuels strategic partnerships and community grants, expanding the ecosystem while deepening the family’s commitment to a decentralized future. As OXBT charges beyond Ordinals, one thing’s clear: this meme-fueled mission to pump up Bitcoin’s newest frontier is anything but a joke.

While still in its early stages, Ordinals Token (OXBT) aims to bridge the gap between digital assets and Bitcoin inscriptions. Let’s explore its current state within liquidity, utility, innovation, community, and governance:


  • Limited Market Availability: Currently, OXBT is not listed on major crypto exchanges, impacting broader liquidity. It’s primarily tradable on DEXs like Uniswap and SushiSwap, catering to early adopters and enthusiasts.
  • Moderate Trading Volume: Despite limited availability, OXBT maintains consistent trading volume, indicating sustained interest within the niche Ordinals community.


  • Facilitating Ordinals Inscriptions: The core utility of OXBT lies in simplifying the process of inscribing data onto Bitcoin’s blockchain through Ordinals, potentially opening up new use cases for the Bitcoin network.
  • Connecting DeFi and NFTs: OXBT could act as a bridge between DeFi protocols and Ordinals-based NFTs, fostering interaction and innovation within the broader crypto ecosystem.


  • Leveraging Bitcoin: By focusing on Ordinals, OXBT explores a novel way to utilize Bitcoin’s blockchain for non-monetary functionalities, potentially unlocking new application possibilities.
  • Decentralized Data Storage: Utilizing Ordinals technology, OXBT potentially contributes to decentralized data storage solutions on the Bitcoin network.


  • Niche Focus: Currently, the OXBT community primarily comprises early adopters, developers, and individuals interested in Ordinals and innovative use cases for Bitcoin.
  • Growing Engagement: While not mainstream, the community actively engages through online forums and social media, demonstrating dedicated interest in the project’s development.


  • Early Stage Development: Currently, specific information regarding OXBT’s governance structure is unavailable as the project is still young.
  • Potential Community Involvement: Based on the project’s focus and community engagement, future plans might involve token-based voting or other mechanisms for community involvement in governance.


Rats : 2,000 Pixelated Rats Take Over Bitcoin 


Meet Rats, a collection of unique pixel art NFTs living on the Bitcoin blockchain These cheeky rodents are the meme coin rebellion’s answer to SHIB’s DOGE dominance.  While Rats lack a website, whitepaper, or roadmap, they’ve still seen impressive gains since launching in November 2023, proving sometimes less is more!

What makes Rats stand out?

  • Uniquely stored on Bitcoin: They’re among the first NFT collections on the Bitcoin blockchain, adding a new layer of intrigue.
  • Strong community: With a dedicated Twitter following and website, there’s a clear community rallying behind the project.
  • Meme coin potential: Their association with popular meme coins SHIB and DOGE could attract curious investors looking for the next big thing.



  • Limited Market Presence: RATS is not listed on major exchanges, impacting wider liquidity. It currently trades only on DEXs like BingX and Bybit, catering to niche interest and early adopters.
  • Moderate Trading Volume: Despite limited availability, RATS maintains consistent trading volume, suggesting sustained interest within the Ordinals community.


  • Unclear Purpose: The project’s website and whitepaper are unavailable, making it difficult to determine RATS’ specific utility or functionality within the Ordinals ecosystem.
  • Potential Speculative Investment: Given the lack of information, RATS might be primarily viewed as a speculative investment by some users.


  • Uncertain Innovation: Currently, the project itself doesn’t seem to offer any groundbreaking innovation within the Ordinals space.


  • Emerging Community: Information about the community is limited, but online engagement seems nascent, primarily occurring on social media platforms like Telegram.
  • Niche Interest: Due to the project’s early stage and speculative nature, the community likely comprises early adopters and crypto enthusiasts.


  • Unknown Structure: As with other aspects, details regarding governance are unavailable.
  • Possibility of Token-Based Voting: Considering the focus on token sales and the recent circulating supply increase, potential token-based voting could exist, but requires confirmation.


Bitcoin Cats : Enter 1CAT, the GameFi Project 

Bitcoin Cats is a GameFi project built on the BRC-20 network, aiming to bridge the gap between the Bitcoin blockchain and the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This feline ferry has already amassed a quarter million pawsome followers on Twitter, leaving the scratching posts abuzz with anticipation.

The project’s native token, 1CAT, has seen positive momentum, recently surging nearly 30% from its December 2023 low. This growth suggests potential investor interest in the platform’s unique capabilities.

Not only does 1CAT act as a vital ambassador between Bitcoin and Ethereum, but it also offers 9 lives of gaming fun for the digital nomads out there. This courageous crypto-biz cat is poised to purr-fectly prove its worth, multiplying its value in the process. Meow-vellous!


  • While 1CAT’s recent price increase suggests some trading activity, its availability across major exchanges is unknown. Consider checking DEX aggregators like CoinGecko or Defi Llama to gauge wider liquidity.
  • The project’s overall market capitalization and trading volume would also be helpful metrics for understanding liquidity.


  • Beyond functioning as a GameFi token, 1CAT’s specific utilities within the Bitcoin Cats ecosystem and as a bridge between Bitcoin and EVM require further investigation.
  • The project’s documentation or whitepaper should clarify how 1CAT is used in-game, for governance, or other functionalities.


  • The concept of bridging Bitcoin and EVM through GameFi is potentially innovative, but exploring similar offerings or competitors might help assess true novelty.
  • Understanding the technical details of the cross-chain bridge and its advantages over existing solutions is crucial for evaluating innovation.


  • Having 250,000 followers on a platform like Mastodon and Twitter suggests community interest 


  • As a meme coin, there is limited information and the governance structure of Bitcoin Cats remains unclear. Investigating tokenomics and potential voting mechanisms is crucial.


ORDS : Ordiswap: Bridging the Gap Between Bitcoin and DeFi

Ordiswap, the world’s first native Automated Market Maker on the Bitcoin network, is shaking things up by bringing the power of DeFi directly to your favorite OG cryptocurrency. Ordiswap is a cross-chain DeFi project aiming to seamlessly connect Bitcoin’s native layer and the Ethereum network. By utilizing the ORDS token, they offer various features and value propositions across liquidity, utility, innovation, community, and governance:

Unleashing Scalability and Flexibility: Forget limitations. Ordiswap leverages off-chain magic to unlock unprecedented scalability and flexibility for Bitcoin and other digital assets. Say goodbye to clunky transactions and hello to a seamless DeFi experience.

Liquidity Pools for Everyone: No token left behind! Ordiswap’s vision includes deep liquidity pools across various blockchains, opening the gates for established and emerging assets to thrive in the DeFi ecosystem.

A Bridge to the Future: Buckle up for a cross-chain adventure! Ordiswap’s extensive developer API paves the way for seamless connectivity between blockchains, making DeFi more accessible than ever before.

The DeFi Revolution Starts Here: With its groundbreaking technology and focus on breaking down barriers, Ordiswap is poised to usher in a new era of cross-chain DeFi interaction. This is more than just a protocol; it’s a gateway to a more inclusive and interconnected financial future.

As this early-stage innovator continues to develop, it’s guaranteed to bring exciting opportunities to the ever-evolving DeFi landscape. Stay tuned and witness the future of finance unfold!


  • While not listed on major exchanges, ORDS maintains consistent trading volume on DEXs like Bitget and XT.COM, indicating dedicated user interest.
  • Its market cap currently ranks around #2377, suggesting moderate but evolving liquidity within the DeFi space.


  • Dual-Network Compatibility: ORDS functions on both Bitcoin and Ethereum, unlocking unique use cases like swapping assets across chains and accessing Bitcoin-native liquidity for DeFi protocols.
  • Platform Fees: Developers leveraging Ordiswap pay platform fees in ORDS, directly contributing to token value accrual.
  • Incentivizing Liquidity Providers: ORDS rewards users who provide Bitcoin-native liquidity, fostering network growth and stability.


  • Bridging Bitcoin and DeFi: Ordiswap’s core innovation lies in enabling native Bitcoin assets to participate in DeFi activities, expanding traditional DeFi’s scope.
  • Bitcoin NFTs: While still under development, the planned Ordinals integration would facilitate Bitcoin NFT trading and DeFi opportunities for these emerging assets.


  • Growing Ecosystem: Ordiswap boasts a dedicated community engaged through online forums, social media, and educational initiatives.
  • Developer Focus: While not mainstream, the community primarily comprises developers, validators, and DeFi enthusiasts interested in the project’s technology and offerings.


  • Token-Based Voting: ORDS token holders have voting rights on proposals regarding platform development and direction, ensuring community involvement.
  • Decentralized Decision-Making: The project aims to incorporate community feedback and voting outcomes into its decision-making process, promoting transparency and inclusivity.


BRC-20COM: Unleash the BRC-20 Universe: Your Gateway to Seamless DeFi Experiences breaks down barriers, offering a unified portal for savvy investors navigating the ever-evolving BRC-20 landscape. Imagine one intuitive, mobile-first interface where you can unlock a spectrum of powerful tools:

  • Multi-chain Wallet: Effortlessly store and manage your digital assets across various blockchains.
  • Cross-chain Bridge: Move your funds seamlessly between networks, maximizing flexibility.
  • Multi-minting Suite: Craft and launch your own BRC-20 tokens with ease.
  • Integrated Marketplace: Buy, sell, and trade tokens directly within the platform.
  • Staking Protocols: Earn passive income by securely locking your assets.

But goes beyond mere tools. It empowers you to discover hidden gems. Its cutting-edge API-powered discovery tools surface trending and promising new mints and tokens, helping you identify high-potential opportunities.

This synergistic approach makes a one-stop shop for navigating the vast BRC-20 universe. Seamlessly access a world of opportunities and maximize your DeFi potential. positions itself as a crucial infrastructure provider for the burgeoning Bitcoin DeFi (DeFi) space. Here’s a breakdown of its core aspects across your requested areas:


  • While their native .COM token doesn’t boast major exchange listings, consistent trading volume on DEXs like Bybit and XT.COM signals dedicated user interest.
  • Market cap currently places them around #2375, suggesting moderate but developing liquidity within the niche Bitcoin DeFi sector.


  • Infrastructure Services: provides essential infrastructure like validator and sequencer services for various blockchain projects, potentially attracting users seeking enhanced security and performance.
  • Discovery Tools: They offer curated discovery tools specifically tailored to the growing BRC-20 DeFi ecosystem, helping users navigate and explore promising projects.
  • .COM token: Aside from governance rights, the .COM token also fuels their Initial Farming Offering (IFO) platform, LeverPro, potentially generating value through utility within the ecosystem.


  • Focus on Bitcoin DeFi:’s unique focus on supporting and fostering DeFi development specifically within the Bitcoin network sets them apart from broader DeFi solutions.
  • LeverPro Platform: Their launchpad, LeverPro, leverages their expertise to curate and launch promising BRC-20 DeFi projects, potentially driving innovation and growth within the Bitcoin DeFi ecosystem.
  • Cross-Chain Bridge (Development): Their upcoming cross-chain bridge aims to connect Bitcoin DeFi with other blockchains, further enhancing interoperability and expanding opportunities.


  • Growing User Base: actively cultivates a community through online forums, social media engagement, and educational initiatives.
  • Developer and Project Focus: The community primarily comprises developers, validators, and projects invested in the development and growth of Bitcoin DeFi.


  • .COM Token Voting: Holders of the .COM token have voting rights on proposals influencing the platform’s development and direction, promoting community involvement.
  • Decentralized Decisions: strives to incorporate community feedback and voting outcomes into decision-making, aiming for a collaborative approach.

Important Note:

  • Remember, BRC-20 tokens are continuously  still evolving, with a lot of new features under development.
  • Due diligence is crucial before engaging with any DeFi project or token. Assess your risk tolerance and conduct thorough research.

By understanding these aspects, you can make informed decisions about your potential involvement with and the evolving landscape of Bitcoin DeFi.