Orange Rewards Portal Is Launched!


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Orange is excited to unveil our new loyalty program designed to celebrate and reward our most committed token holders. This initiative recognizes the loyalty of our community by offering points based on how long participants retain their Orange tokens. These points can be exchanged for a range of exclusive perks, such as access to special features, discounts on services, and other exciting benefits. Our goal is to build a strong, active community around the Orange token, providing real rewards to our supporters for their trust and investment. This program not only enriches the token holding experience but also strengthens the bond between our users and our broader ecosystem, creating mutual benefits for both our company and our token holders.

Orange redefines traditional cryptocurrency staking programs by enabling one that is:

  • Simple and Passive and Secure Earn rewards passively without taking any action. Orange holders automatically earn and accrue points by simply holding tokens in any self-custody Bitcoin wallet (no centralized exchanges)
  • Flexible Orange token holders will earn in any self-custody Bitcoin wallet that stores BRC20 tokens, allowing you to choose your preferred wallet while still receiving rewards.
  • Noncustodial and Secure Orange’s loyalty program allows holders to keep full custody and control of their tokens, eliminating the need for locking mechanisms, smart contracts, and reducing risks like fund loss or hacks.

Earning Orange Points is as simple as holding $ORNJ in any self-custody wallet!

The longer you hold and the more you have… the more you earn. It’s that easy. View your points here:

Soon, exchange your reward points for:

🟠 WL and tokens from launched partners
🟠 Future Orange project tokens
🟠 Orange merchandise
🟠 And more! πŸŸ πŸ’Š

How many points have you accumulated so far? πŸ‘€

Find out more details and information about the Orange Loyalty Rewards program here.