How to Buy, Deposit, and Withdraw $ORNJ Tokens on Bitrue


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Buying and withdrawing cryptocurrencies like $ORNJ may appear exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. You wonder, why? All you have to know is that the process can be streamlined with the assistance of a reliable cryptocurrency exchange like Bitrue.

Bitrue offers a user-friendly platform that simplifies the process of buying, depositing, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies. With this guide, you can easily navigate through the steps involved in purchasing $ORNJ tokens and conducting efficient deposits and withdrawals on Bitrue.

Let’s get started with this simple yet efficient guide.

Creating an Account on Bitrue

The first step is to create a Bitrue account. It can be done through Bitrue’s website (preferred on desktop) or app (preferred on mobile phones). 

Signing up through email

Open the official Bitrue page and sign up from the options given in the upper right corner.

A new page will pop up. 

Fill out the mandatory information appearing on the page. The options will include.

  • The first step in creating an account is entering the email address.
  • Confirm the email address from the mail received.

  • Copy and paste the received code in the designated box on the website.
  • Choose the password (make sure to keep a strong password to avoid scams).
  • Agree to the terms and conditions, and click ‘Sign Up’.

Signing up through Bitrue App

If you are signing in through mobile phones, instead of PC, Bitrue’s mobile app can do the favors.

  • The first step is to download and run Bitrue app on your mobile.
  • On the top left corner, tap the ‘Click to log in” option.
  • Select the ‘Sign up’ option and enter your email.
  • You will get a confirmation code on your email address, enter the code on the app for confirmation.
  • Create a strong password and ‘Sign Up’ after agreeing with the ‘Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service’

Buying $ORNJ Tokens

Once you are done setting up your Bitrue account, select how you want to buy $ORNJ tokens. Here are some of the ways offered by Bitrue Exchange.

Buy with Credit Card

  • Click on the ‘Buy’ option at the top of the Bitrue website and select the ‘Credit Card’ option. Verify your identity before buying and follow the instructions.
  • Add your credit card information or directly link the card through the Linking service. 
  • Go to Buy $ORNJ and choose the amount you want to add to your Orange wallet.
  • Once the amount is set, confirm your purchase.

Through Trading pair

In the trading platform, locate the trading pair for $ORNJ tokens. Some of the widely utilized pairs include ORNJ/BTC, ORNJ/ETH, and ORNJ/USDT. Using these pairs, users can exchange ORNJ tokens for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Stablecoins. 

How to Deposit $ORNJ Tokens into Your Bitrue Wallet

To deposit $ORNJ from Bitrue, two ways can be used.

Depositing with a Credit Card (Simplex)

This is how you can conveniently deposit $ORNJ Tokens on your Bitrue account using Credit Card Simplex with just a few simple steps:

  • Log in to your Bitrue account and navigate the Buy/Sell option located in the upper left corner.
  • Within this section, you’ll find three different cryptocurrency trading methods to choose from.
  • Select ‘Buy’ to initiate trading via [Credit Card- Simplex].
  • Input the following details:
  1. $ORNJ Tokens as the cryptocurrency type
  2. Amount of Tokens you wish to deposit
  3. Your preferred fiat currency
  4. Price per $ORNJ Token
  5. Original price, if applicable
  • Click ‘Buy Now’ to complete the transaction.

Depositing with Legend Trading

  • Log in to your Bitrue account, then find the ‘ Buy/Sell’ option located at the upper left.
  • Within this section, you’ll find three different ways to trade cryptocurrency.
  • Click on the Buy option under the Legend Trading menu to access this form of trading.
  • Choose $ORNJ Tokens or any other preferred cryptocurrency, such as USDT, BTC, or ETH.
  • Enter the desired amount for purchase. If you wish to use a different fiat currency, you can switch it accordingly. Click the ‘continue’ option.
  • Provide your details and confirm them. Then, proceed by clicking continue.
  • Enter your billing address, then click ‘continue’ again.
  • Input your card details. To complete the cryptocurrency purchase process, click ‘Confirm & Continue’.

Withdrawing $ORNJ Tokens

  • Log in to your Bitrue account and access Assets > Withdraw in the top-right corner.

  • Choose a specific amount of $ORNJ, for withdrawal.
  • Select the appropriate network and enter the accurate Withdrawal Address, along with the desired amount of the coin or token.

Note: Avoid withdrawing directly to crowdfunding or ICO, as Bitrue will not credit your account with tokens from those sources.

  • Confirm your PIN code.
  • Finalize the transaction by clicking the ‘Withdraw 
  • 1INCH’ button.

Warning: Ensure accurate information to prevent permanent loss of assets. Double-check all details before proceeding with the transfer.

Addressing Withdrawal Concerns

Just like other cryptocurrency exchanges, withdrawing tokens from Bitrue can also face some concerns. Some main concerns you need to keep yourself aware of include

Security issues:

Withdrawals (especially in bulk amounts) are vulnerable to hacking. Make sure to keep your account secure with Bitrue’s two-factor authentication (2FA), cold storage for large fund withdrawals, and regular security audits.

Compliance Regulation:

Inadequate customer identity verification processes and insufficient monitoring of transactions for suspicious activity can also pose challenges to withdrawal. Operating without proper licensing or registration from regulatory authorities can lead to compliance issues. Ensure compliance with regulatory standards and maintain transparent communication during withdrawal.

Technical Glitches:

Unexpected issues or malfunctions within the system of Bitrue, the cryptocurrency exchange, can disrupt or delay the withdrawal process.  To address technical glitches, Bitrue should regularly monitor its systems, and conduct thorough testing of its withdrawal processes.


In the end, it is important to carefully understand every step to complete the Deposit and Withdrawal without any hassle. Ensure that you type in the exact same address, or your $ORNJ or any other tokens will never be able to recover. 

With clear instructions and user-friendly features, Bitrue ensures a smooth experience for both beginners and seasoned investors. So, dive in confidently, seize control of your crypto endeavors, and unlock the potential of $ORNJ tokens on Bitrue’s platform.