How to Buy, Deposit, and Withdraw $ORNJ Tokens on Biconomy


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Are you feeling uncertain about diving into the world of cryptocurrency purchases? Relax! You’re in the right place. Today, we’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of buying, depositing, and withdrawing $ORNJ tokens on the Biconomy exchange. 

Here we’ll uncover the precise steps to acquire, deposit, and withdraw $ORNJ tokens and other cryptocurrencies on the Biconomy exchange.

Remember, while these steps may seem daunting initially, they’re designed to be user-friendly and accessible to all. So, grab your browser, follow along, and let’s embark on this cryptocurrency journey together!

Sign Up for an Account

The very first step in purchasing any crypto is creating an account on your desired exchange. If you already have an account, skip to the next step. 

Click on Sign Up and fill in the required details. Also, add the referral code if you have one. You can either sign up through email or your phone number, whichever suits you better.

How to Buy $ORNJ Crypto on Biconomy

Now let’s move to the important part of this guide. There are only two ways by which you can buy $ORNJ tokens or any other cryptocurrency on the Biconomy exchange. 

  1. Third-Party Payment

If you’re on your laptop, tap on the hamburger button (Three lines parallelly) on the top right corner of the Biconomy exchange website. In this menu, under the “Buy Crypto” option, you’ll see the option of “Third-Party Payment”. Tap on it and it will redirect you to another window.

Here, you need to enter the amount of USDT you want to buy. One drawback of this way is that you won’t be able to buy $ORNJ tokens directly from here. So, it is better to buy USDT or ETH and then follow the next step to convert it into $ORNJ tokens. 

The exchange allows three payment providers, namely BANXA, Alchemy Pay, and Advcash. You can use any of these to complete your transaction. It allows you to use Credit/Debit Cards, Google Pay, and many other options.

If you’re on the app, navigate to your Wallets tab and tap on “Buy Crypto”. Now follow the instructions in the window to buy USDT or ETH. once you’re done, your bought crypto will be credited to your exchange wallet. 

  1. Spot Market

Now this one is an important step. In the previous step, you bought USDT or ETH. It’s time to convert those into $ORNJ. If you’re on the web, go to the hamburger button, tap on the “Market” option, and go to the Spot Markets tab.

If you’re using the app, simply navigate to the Trade tab in the middle of the bottom menu. 

Now, search for ORNJ in the search tab, tap on it, enter your desired amount to buy, and tap buy. Your transaction will be completed in a few seconds and $ORNJ tokens will be credited to your wallet.

How to Deposit $ORNJ Crypto on Biconomy (Web) 

In the main window, you’ll see your profile tab in the top right corner. Click on this option and a navigation (see below) will option up. Here, under the Wallets option, click on “Spot”. We’re going here as your funds are only available in this tab.

Now, on your right-hand side, you’ll see the Deposit option. In here, you need to search for the token you want to deposit ($ORNJ). Now, select the BRC20 network as $ORNJ is a BRC20 token. 

It will now ask you to generate a deposit address. Once you tap on it, it will create an address that you can copy and paste into the wallet from which you are sending the $ORNJ tokens. 

How to Deposit $ORNJ Crypto on Biconomy (App)

If you’re more of an Android or iOS user, you can follow these steps to deposit $ORNJ or any other crypto tokens in the Biconomy App.

  • Launch the Biconomy app and locate the “Wallets” section, typically found in the lower right corner of the interface. This section allows you to manage your digital assets.
  • Within the “Wallets” section, you’ll find an option to deposit funds. Click on this option to proceed.
  • After selecting the deposit option, you’ll be prompted to choose the token you wish to deposit. For example, if you want to deposit $ORNJ, select it from the list of available tokens.
  • Once you’ve selected the token, you’ll need to specify the chain name. Choose the BRC20 chain or any other appropriate chain for the token you’re depositing.
  • After selecting the chain, click on the button labeled “[Tap to generate address]”. This action will generate a unique deposit address.
  • Copy the generated deposit address and paste it into the withdrawal section of the platform or wallet from which you’re transferring funds.

How to Withdraw $ORNJ Crypto on Biconomy (Web)

This step is as simple as the Deposit. Follow the same route as before and go to your Spot Wallet. 

Here, you’ll find the Withdraw option (see image). Click on it and it will take you to the next interface. Ensure that you’ve verified your identity or else you won’t be able to withdraw any tokens. 

Now enter ORNJ in the search tab and choose the BRC20 network. It will now ask you to enter the withdrawal address. Copy the deposit address from the wallet in which you want to deposit your $ORNJ tokens. 

Specify the amount of tokens you want to send and tap Submit. In a few minutes, your $ORNJ tokens will be transferred and credited to the other wallet.

How to Withdraw $ORNJ Crypto on Biconomy (App)

To initiate a withdrawal on the Biconomy app:

  1. Open the app and locate the “Asset” option in the lower right corner. Tap on it to access the asset page.
  2. Within the asset page, select “[Withdraw]”.
  1. Choose the token you wish to withdraw, such as ORNJ, from the list of available options.
  2. Select the appropriate [Chain Name] for the token you’re withdrawing.
  3. Fill out the required information to complete the withdrawal process. This typically includes specifying the withdrawal amount and providing the destination address where you want to send the tokens.
  4. Once you’ve filled out all the relevant information, enter your fund password for security purposes.
  5. Finally, click the “Confirm” button to proceed with the withdrawal. This action will initiate the transfer of tokens from your Biconomy account to the specified destination address.


So that’s all. We’ve made it as easy as possible for you guys. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be withdrawing and depositing funds in a flash. Just make sure your address is the same whenever you’re performing transactions or else there’s no way to recover your tokens. Try out the steps above and do let us know if you get stuck on any of the steps.