Orange x Spicy Capital AMA Recap – Taking the Orange Pill


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Participants: Spicy Capital and Orange Crypto Recording


Topic: Taking the Orange Pill

Date: 01/19/2024

Length: 53:39

Summary: In a recent AMA with Spicy Capital, we at Orange Crypto delved deep into our core mission, products, and the exciting future ahead. Our focus remains steadfast on simplifying the entry into the Bitcoin ecosystem, with our Orange Wallet leading the charge by supporting Bitcoin and its associated protocols. We’re on a mission to be the infrastructure backbone for Bitcoin, launching a suite of products including Orange Wallet, Orange Swap, Orange MarketCap, and more, to cater to the growing demand and innovation within the Bitcoin space. Our journey from corporate to crypto has equipped us with a unique perspective, emphasizing user engagement and community building as central to our growth. As we gear up for a public offering backed by significant VC support and multiple centralized exchange listings, we’re inviting the community to test our beta wallet, ensuring we’re not just another project, but a movement towards making Bitcoin accessible and understandable for everyone.

SPICY CAPITAL:So yeah, let’s dive in, let’s go with the first question. So I only gave a very basic overview of what Orange crypto is for the people that I’ve joined this space and for the first time hearing about orange crypto. Could you break down what Orange Crypto is and how you came up with the idea for it? Damon Nam: Yeah, sure. I’ll kick off here. And on that note, you know one thing that we truly believe in and I think a lot of other companies in this space are trying to achieve is trying to onboard the masses into this space, right. So for us simplicity is something that’s very important and quite frankly even when we describe or think about Orange, we want it to be known as all things Bitcoin. Obviously there’s a lot of excitement, energy, momentum, especially as the markets are starting to turn quite a bit. For us, you know, we’re, we’re super excited about the opportunity with Bitcoin because one, it’s not only the gold standard, you know, when it comes to crypto, but it’s generally the first asset that most people adopt, the average consumer adopts when they join this industry. Seeing that there’s huge potential here on the best blockchain in the world, we wanted to be able to play at the infrastructure level to be able to support all of this activity, this building and this energy in the space. We started off building our own wallet to be able to support that. It’s called the Orange Wallet and it, as you mentioned, supports not only Bitcoin, but other associated protocols related towards Bitcoin, including all the new standards that are coming out. BRC20s will soon be supporting ARC20s, SRC20s and Bitcoin stamps. There’s even new exciting and emerging standards that have recently been launched, such as CBRC20s, and there’s just tons of different tokens that are being created on each one of these new standards. And surprisingly, as long as bitcoins have been around, there’s just not a lot of infrastructure tooling to be able to support all of this building and experimentation that’s happening. So for us, we saw that as a huge opportunity to be able to to support a lot of these builders as well as a lot of consumers and in helping them be able to store, manage and, you know, take care of their assets. We’re kicking off our Orange wallet first. Soon after that we’ll be launching a DEX so that folks can be able to interact and manage their assets and be able to easily swap them across a lot of these protocols and standards. We’ve also created what we call OrangeMarketCap, which is essentially similar to Coinmarketcap, but it is focused towards providing data analytics statistics related towards just Bitcoin and all things associated with Bitcoin. We have some other things that we’ve created on our roadmap as well that we haven’t launched. We’ve already started building that kind of play into the whole narrative of the ecosystem that we’re trying to build around this. Super excited to be able to make those announcements soon. But when we think of Orange and how we want to be portrayed in the market, we just want to be considered all things Bitcoin. SPICY CAPITAL: OK. That sounds cool man. I’m looking forward to seeing a lot more on the wallet that you guys will be launching and the Orange because you’re going to call it OrangeCap is going to be similar to CoinMarketCap. Damon Nam: Yeah, it’ll actually be called OrangeMarketCap. We have Orange wallet, Orange Swap, OrangeMarketCap and then you know the other products that we’re launching. SPICY CAPITAL: OK, that’s dope. It’s actually really cool because obviously there I don’t believe that there is a model like that already in the Bitcoin ecosystem. I’m not heavy in the Bitcoin ecosystem, but I do have a few friends that always keep me updated and the idea of having something like OrangeMarketCap. I use CoinMarketCap all the time and I know there’s other people in the audience that do as well. Not just for watching the portfolio or tracking data but also for analysis, learning about a lot of stuff because I know on CoinMarketCap they have their own little podcast system that they run over there. So there’s a lot of alpha that gets dropped on there.  It’s going to be really cool to see OrangeMarketCap the Orange Swap, definitely looking forward to the Orange DEX as well. That’s I’m a big user on the on the on the DEX on the defi side of things for sure. Before we dive into any more questions what I love to know, I love to always know about the background of the team and and the experience because what you guys are building here is going to be massively game changing not just to Bitcoin but also to building a lot of a lot more faith and understanding in the web 3 and crypto industry. Whichever one wants to start Orange or or or Kevin. I’m guessing Damon is behind the Orange account, right? Damon Nam: Yeah, yeah, I’m logged into here. SPICY CAPITAL: OK. So we’ll go with you first a little bit of background on yourself and how you got into the industry and what led you to this point? Damon Nam: Yeah, absolutely so. Just a little bit of background about myself following college, worked at Microsoft for 17 years always in business management roles and decided to go full time and full-fledged into blockchain 2017 recruited a very good friend of mine that worked at Microsoft as well for about 10 years. He was technical, and decided to jump into the industry and just start building in order to solve what we thought were some huge inherent problems within the industry in terms of usability, just solutions to be able to manage different crypto. During the last seven years, we’ve been building a lot of different technologies to be able to support that, including centralized decentralized technology. Mostly in the infrastructure side, So wallet, exchange technology, etcetera. We’ve helped consult and build for other companies as well, including Republic in New York, as well as even Binance. So we’ve created some solutions for them, but you know, over the past year, we’ve been very focused on just the build on Bitcoin narrative and we’ve kind of forecasted that, especially on the cusp of a new bull run. All of this excitement, energy that’s happening now would actually come about. So you know, when we started seeing institutional adoption occur a couple years ago and more filings of ETFs. We knew at some point that everything that was being built from a defi perspective on Ethereum and all. These other alt chains and L2s, we thought that that potential would eventually come to Bitcoin because again, Bitcoin is the gold standard and we knew that technology and the tooling around Bitcoin would mature. As well as get better including with its own L2s and whatnot, so once we started thinking about that we thought it was a great opportunity seeing that the space is still wide open, right? There’s still not a lot of solutions, especially around a lot of this. New experimentation that you know we wanted to be able to support the industry in this way and you know we see. Some huge opportunities for us to be able to to capitalize off of it as well as provide some really good solutions in the space that don’t exist today. SPICY CAPITAL: Wow, man. Microsoft in 17 years. That’s incredible. Damon Nam: Yeah, way too long, right? SPICY CAPITAL: You know what it’s I would say, you perfected your craft at Microsoft for sure. Man, that’s incredible though, because I know obviously you would have worked your way up the ranks in Microsoft, right? You would have been looking for bigger and better things. No wonder you don’t fed into Bitcoin as well. I know a lot of people that weren’t in tech back in the day for 10-15 years. They usually find out about Bitcoin during that journey as well. So that’s actually really cool to hear that you had that kind of background. Damon Nam: Yeah, I’ll just interject real quick. It’s actually interesting because our, our main core founders in our leads for Orange, we all have corporate experience and so we actually all started off at a corporate at first,  for example our CTO, he’s he’s worked at Oracle and he was AVP at Coinberry and our architect has worked at Amazon. Hey Kevin spent time across a lot of different corporate entities as well. So you know, I I think that experience alone is not only valuable but you know kind of speaks volumes to the way that we operate as well because you know traditional especially traditional web three companies and a lot of startups because we worked with a lot of different partners in this space, it’s working in corporate versus the kind of the, the, the startup spaces especially in blockchain it’s inherently different, right. So I think that’s where our experience really makes a difference in shines. Kevin Huynh: I was about to ask, but my background, I start off in consulting out of college and was doing that a lot of data and marketing related projects there and then really enjoyed it, Went to get my Matthews at Carnegie Mellon and data analytics while I was also working at Expedia. So a lot of that corporate experience, they’re literally handling hundreds of millions of dollars in budget trying to acquire users growth there. So have a very data oriented background, have a very growth focused background as well around acquiring users and brought that to the crypto space with Damon in 2017. Ever since then, just been working in crypto and startups and things of that nature helping lead both growth and operations and just use that Jack of all trade skill set to really you know help get funding and also build, find product, market fit, things of that nature. SPICY CAPITAL: There we go. OK, cool. Sweet. So thanks for the intro as well as to what you were doing and your journey. But yeah, so swiftly moving on. So you guys talked about your experience and what you guys did to get to the stage and you guys have obviously a very heavy corporate background, which is great to hear as well because I feel a lot of people in this space don’t have that a lot of people in this space that come into this space. I might have only worked in corporate for maybe a couple of years, but I always do see a trend where there are massive projects in the space that have done really well and massive in terms of they’ve got massive scale in terms of community. They’re all over social media, they’re actually providing something that’s scaling the space into different realms of Web2. We’re taking it back to Web2 in a way of bridging finance over or gaming or whatever it may be these founders or CEOs or Seaboard members should I say or teams usually have a huge corporate background. So it’s great to see that and hear that you guys have some very, very credible experience in space. And if you guys are listening to space, I hope you guys took note of that as well because that’s not something to fade, definitely don’t fade that. So this actually takes me on to my next question as well. So this is more about the roadmap that you guys have at the moment. What would you guys say are some great achievements on your roadmap to date? Damon Nam: Yeah, great question. So you know I I think what we’re most proud of is just our wallet to start off. You know if those that are or not familiar with the space, as I mentioned earlier, the space is still fairly wide open, right. There’s a few liters in the wallet space, particularly Unisat, Xverse etcetera. But there’s no household names such as what you would see on the Metamask or on the Ethereum side with like Metamask and you know Phantom etcetera. For us, again as I mentioned, this is a huge opportunity and being able to do some of the the unique items within our wallet is something that we’re very proud of it’s not just your traditional wallet experience where you would hold assets like most wallets do, but obviously you can do things such as swap inside, you can purchase crypto directly. We have Fiat on ramp and off ramp partners. Then on top of that, what we’ve done is we’ve integrated some core technology that we’ve built ourselves that’s supported with natural language processing and AI that we think is going to really make the process and the experience for users much more efficient and streamlined. What we’ve done is we’ve integrated something that we call the Orange Assistant and it’s not just a traditional, let’s say AI assistant that we’re using where we just plug into like an API for Open AI but effectively there’s some use cases that we think are super helpful for users in this space and we think that a wallet is a great gateway for for folks to be able to access it. For example, we think as a user in this space, you should be able to easily have information at your fingertips. So something like saying if you want to know the 24-hr trading volume of Binance, you should be able to access that fairly quickly without having to open up a new tab, going to you know research and find that. We feed our own assistant with large language models specific to finance and crypto where it helps you obtain information like that very quickly, right. If you want to know your specific wallet balance for a specific asset, you can ask the assistant that and get it very quickly. If you want to know, we think it’s powerful to know when you’ve sent a transaction, maybe to a particular contact and for how much without having to go through your transaction history or trying to find that on the blockchain explorer. Then where it starts to get very interesting and powerful is by being able to text or chat with the assistant and execute a financial transaction. Imagine being able to say send $100 of Bitcoin to Shubzy and it recognizes that intent and from there it takes you immediately to the confirmation screen. So it’s just little things like this that’s being driven by technology using natural language processing, AI that just really simplify that experience to the extent to where we believe that finance should be easy as you know speaking or texting versus the world we live in today which is pointing and clicking and getting anxiety going through and trying to figure out the, you know, the UI or gas fees and all this stuff it’s really a play for us to really address on board the next wave of consumers that’ll be, you know, joining. SPICY CAPITAL: Thank you for explaining that man. That’s actually helped quite a lot and cleared quite a lot up for me and not just for me, but I know for the people down in the audience as well. Just after hearing that, just what you guys have been able to achieve with the wallet with AI and and interoperability, I am definitely looking forward to using this wallet on on desktop for sure, especially of how easy it sounds to use as well because I know there are wallets already on the Bitcoin, but as I said before guys, you know I’m not big on the Bitcoin network, I’m more on the alts at the moment, Ethereum, Telos, Polygon and whatnot. But hearing how simple they are making it to use over orange crypto, definitely going to be downloading and using it to its full potential, especially on that DEX side of stuff. Man, I’m looking forward to that. So this also moves me on to my next question, this is going to be about the native token. I wanted you to explain the role or the utility that your native token plays in the Orange crypto ecosystem. Damon Nam: Great question. We actually get this quite often because obviously in this industry a lot of tokens are used primarily just as a speculative asset for us, you know obviously we want to be able to support that for those that are interested, but at the same time great utility that allows people to be able to view our Orange Token and and use it within the ecosystem. A few things that the Orange token will be used for. First, similar to many other companies in this space in crypto in general, we want to be able to use it as a tool for folks to use it for governance.  We’re creating a specific governance portal that will be open and also eligible for other tokens to use to manage their own governance as well, especially BRC20 tokens where holders can go in and actually create new proposals as well as vote on proposals. That’s the first piece. The second is if you’re a holder of the Orange token, you’ll be able to get fee discounts within our ecosystem. We do have business revenue models for each one of our products, including, you know, Fiat on ramps and off ramps as well as when you swap assets. When you hold the orange token in your wallet and you execute any of these services, you’ll be able to get fee discounts from that and a lot of those fees will be waived. Then the last component is a loyalty rewards type of program where when you actually stake and lock up your tokens to us, that demonstrates loyalty, right, because that means you’re a part of our journey over extended period of time, so we want to be able to reward that type of loyalty. It’s also rewards token in the sense that if you do stake and we have things within our ecosystem and pipeline, we plan to do some pretty cool things and reward the holders and the stakers. So at present those are the three items that we’re focusing and targeting the Orange Token for in terms of utility. SPICY CAPITAL: OK, cool. That clears up quite a bit. I like the idea of the reward token as well, rewarding loyal holders. That’s something that is not seen enough. In the space, there are project owners and different platforms that say that they’re going to reward their holders or that they’re going to do this, but they sometimes don’t always follow through or it’s so laid down the roadmap or the line of when things are supposed to be released. But it’s cool that you guys are taking that into consideration and I’m going to be doing that because at the end of the day, a community is, you know, a massive part of the journey. And it’s great that you guys are going to be rewarding them. You also mentioned the journey itself, so I wanted to ask as well. What’s the long term vision of orange crypto? Where do you or what do you see in the next? Obviously long term in this space could be 6 to 12 months because the space moves so fast.

Damon Nam: Great question. So for us, we have a pretty robust roadmap just within the core products that we’ve already announced, but we’ve already started building others as well. I think especially when you come from a background of where we’ve come from, especially with corporate and whatnot, a lot of people don’t realize in this space, Web 3, it’s actually very easy and very quick to build. For other projects that take months and months to be able to execute a product within the roadmap, quite frankly, to us that’s unacceptable. We started this journey about 10 months ago, I would say 9 to 10 months ago. Not only did we start building our wallet, but we started engineering the DEX and whatnot. We’ve already started going down the path and I’ll kind of give a preview to some of the things that we’re working on already. But we’ve already gone down the path of building a bridge that allows for cross chain and operability and being able to manage your Bitcoin and BRC20 assets and do them on other respective changes such as you know Ethereum and whatnot. We went down that path because we saw some gaps in the market. There’s not a lot of players and we saw opportunities not only for the industry but even to be able to support our own ecosystem. Then as we went through that journey, you know we found the opportunity to even leverage a lot of that tooling so that we can help support other companies that are building and launching in the space. So, you know, within our roadmap, we’re going to be launching our own Launchpad. As we’ve kind of gone through and have observed the difficulty and some of the challenges around the current launchpads and their inability to be able to support the distribution of Bitcoin assets since there’s no smart contracts on Bitcoin, we found that there’s a huge gap in opportunity for a player in this space to be able to capitalize off of that with our bridge technology as well as some other tooling that we’re doing. It’ll allow us to be able to, you know, really play in that space and help a lot of companies support it as well. There’s some other interesting things that we’re building already including blockchain explorer which would be equivalent to like an ether scan on Ethereum. And so you know the current solutions out there right now or not user friendly and pretty hard to read. We wanted to be able to support this so that even when you click on a transaction within our own wallet and you want to see the blockchain details for it and we have a solution that users within our ecosystem can be able to view. So it’s just a robust pipeline of tools and utilities and resources again all at the infrastructure level that allow people to be able to just manage their assets when it comes to Bitcoin and in the best blockchain in the world. For us we think that if we don’t on board users immediately within our wallet, maybe we can build trust with them with other products within our ecosystems that will attract them into the ecosystem and eventually you know we can on board them as users within maybe the wallet or the DEX and so on. So a lot of these tools complement each other within our ecosystem, but they’re also a user acquisition play and kind of help us with the marketing and bringing more exposure to the brand. SPICY CAPITAL: Well, OK, man, that actually that explained quite a bit man, it also helps with the next question. Keeping on the roadmap just for this question. I believe the last couple of questions have been about the journey, the vision, the roadmap and stuff, but I would like to hear. So going on this journey, obviously you have a lot of community engagement I can see obviously from the space I can see from the Twitter as well, you guys have clean engagement that’s coming from the community and they’re very, I would say, very die hard, they’re very loyal man, and what I’d ask is from a community point of view, what do you think the community are most looking forward to in the roadmap and I’d like I’d like both of you to answer this as well. So Kevin, you want to go first? Kevin Huynh: Yeah, sure, no problem for me. I think this also goes back to some of my experiences as well. But we’ve seen a lot of the hype be around OrangeMarketCap and I’m a data guy myself and I learn not only numbers and data and everything like that, but how the visualization is. And it’s just a very, not only user friendly, but it’s just clean and slick looking, right. You take elements of an app like Robin Hood and even though I’m not a big fan of Robin Hood and what they do and how they operate, but they have a very consumer friendly product that people use based solely off the looks of that, right. You combined a lot of those UI type elements to a solid platform, that has that data backing with it that allows you to do more research analysis and everything like that and and that’s something that you know from the conversations that I’ve had and you know some of my personal interests leads me to believe that that will be a very popular product just for a lot of our community advance there. So that’s one thing personally and something that I’ve also had some great conversations with. Damon Nam:Yeah, I’ll add to that. I think that’s our dark horse to be honest. You know, we really put a lot of focus on the wallet and we think that that’s going to do very, very well and support a lot of users as especially as they onboard into Bitcoin. But the data component is very underestimated, obviously in our opinion, data rules the world. And for us, it’s not only an opportunity for us to provide information just to any user that wants to be able to get it very quickly, but it feeds into our entire ecosystem to the extent where a lot of that data is fed into our assistant. So that data is very valuable in terms of being able to train our assistant and and and have that data accessible within your fingertips. The other thing that’s important with that as well as we have this long tail path where we want to be able to support institutions and even have a B2B model and so we plan on being able to offer the data and APIs to our data set as well not only having an extra revenue model for the business, but being able to support startups or institutions and in in having that data accessible to them because right now a lot of that data especially within inscriptions, ordinals and BRC 20s is is not easy to be able to ascertain, especially because of a lot of the indexing that that needs to be required. But yeah, as Kevin mentioned and in my opinion, I think that’s the dark horse for Orange. SPICY CAPITAL: Thank you man. Man, you guys need to keep your eyes on Orange Crypto. Keep your eyes on what they’re on, what they’re building as well and stay up to date. Make sure if you haven’t already, to go follow Orange Crypto and Kevin put post notifications on as well so you’re always notified when they post and keep up to date with what they are releasing. Because I’m telling you guys, do not sleep on 1 Orange crypto and don’t sleep on Bitcoin. It was the 1st and it’s here to last, right? So going on to the next part, we want to do some community questions and I’ve got a couple here. So I’m going to pick a couple and we’re going to start with this one actually jumped out at me because it’s also something that I do know about Bitcoin network. The question is congestion and high transaction fees are challenges. How does Orange How does the Orange Project mitigate the impact of congestion, high fees on its decentralized platform to ensure a seamless user experience?

Kevin Huynh: Yeah, great question. So on that note, you know Bitcoin is Bitcoin, right? There’s not much we can do outside of just the blockchain itself in terms of improving any of the block times, the speeds or anything of that nature. In fact when the network is congested just like any other blockchain, you know, those speed times and things get worse. So for us there’s nothing that we can do outside of the chain itself other than thinking about creating maybe L2 in the future. But for now, you know, I think there’s some creative solutions that we’ve already started deploying including on our side, as I mentioned earlier, the bridge that we’re working on. So if folks want to be able to still have access especially to certain assets on Bitcoin, but want to be able to play in a playground or a sandbox where you want to have better efficiency, lower speeds, etcetera, then you could do that by bridging. Other than that, you know, we’re just going to support the traditional chains and builders that are building in the space and other L2s that have already started conquering that, including stacks, right. So stacks, especially with their upcoming Nakamoto release. They’ve been able to achieve, especially on test net, some very good performance speeds that are comparable to even what other block chains and all chains have done such as Ethereum. So that’s certainly really exciting for the industry and like our infrastructure including our wallet, our DEX and all that stuff will be supporting stacks in their ecosystem. So for us, again, we operate more at the infrastructure level to support. All of these protocols and standards that are working on efficiency and helping improve our bridge solution well you know play in that space as well. But for the most part, we want to let the builders that are such as stacks that are really working on performance, efficiency, throughput, do what they do and then we support their ecosystem.

SPICY CAPITAL: Thank you for clearing that up. That’s very important guys. This is why I picked this one as the first one, because as they said as well, they can’t really control what’s going on on Bitcoin, network itself, right? The speed is the speed, the transaction time is the transaction time. But what they can do is make sure that they continue to build a game, changing projects and make it something that’s going to be insanely valuable, not just financially, but to the community as well. Valuable in the sense that it’s helping scale the network and the ecosystem forward, which it definitely will be I believe. So the next question I have here is that community is an invaluable part of the process. How does Orange Crypto plan to expand this community and attract more community members worldwide? Damon Nam: Yeah, I’ll answer that real quick and then Kevin, feel free to jump in. We actually have some other team members online as well that can certainly feed into this for us, community is very important and engagement is we would say is our core tenant. So even if you look at our socials. Yeah, there’s a red flag for me when I see companies that have tons of followers and not much engagement etcetera. For us we’ve taken a different approach where we focus primarily just on engagement. If you look at our Twitter and Telegram, our numbers, I think we only have like 7000 followers on Twitter, but our engagement especially per post etcetera is comparable to a lot of accounts that have ,you know, 20-40 plus thousand followers etcetera. For us it’s mainly about how we can actually interact and be useful and valuable to our community. We think that that’s very important. The other thing that we’re going to launch is a number of community programs that we want to be able to kick off. Because when we think of community, a lot of companies in the space just focus solely on their token holders or maybe speculators etcetera. That’s obviously very important to us. But community represents much more than that, right, especially in this space, and so you know we want to be able to help foster a community with builders as well as even VCs and then you know liquidity providers such as centralized exchanges, market makers and and then lastly KO Wells, so we’re going to be creating buckets of communities where we have access and and provide collaboration amongst all of these different categories, and then from there being able to kind of cross pollinate these these communities together. Just so that it helps, whether you’re a builder, we can connect you to potential VC or maybe even a Launchpad and then vice versa. You know, if you’re a launchpad and you’re looking for projects, if we can be the facilitator of that and just be the host of the world’s largest party in crypto, we want to be able to do that. And so when we think about community, we think about more than just token holders and so on, right?

Kevin Huynh: Yeah. Definitely, if I can, just real quick to that. So this was actually something that we were discussing just two days ago within our team and a lot of our community initiatives as well. And we were thinking about a whole plan of just how to create that engagement, right. Like Damon was saying, not just for the speculators and those who are non holders, but for the people who actually want to, you know, learn more about the industry, have more insightful conversations and stuff like that, right? Really be into the infrastructure and everything. And part of what we’re going to do is have some community rewards and some of that is, like rewarding community members within our Twitter or Telegram that have just great ideas, post, thoughtful comments, things like that to really facilitate discussion, have some of that engagements right? We’ll be doing things like that. We’ll be having, you know, probably to an extent weekly, you know, talking points, have some QA discussions, probably some AM, as with some people that were connected with things of that nature in order to try to build that community and make it something bigger than, you know, just Orange and like, like Damon said once again earlier, like synonymous with Bitcoin or everything like that. So want to have much wider conversations, reward the people within our community that really help them provide, you know, some of that value for Orange and that. And yeah, just keep it going and make sure that everyone, you know, feels like they’re part of the same party and family. SPICY CAPITAL: I love that man. I’m on the side of the community and the marketing aspects. So I’m always loving on and building on communities and getting to meet people whether it’s on spaces or IRL. So it’s great to hear that you guys have a plan of action that you’re already executing. I completely agree, Damon, man. I completely agree that when I see a project and it’s got loads of followers but no engagement, it’s a massive red flag, man. I’m like, OK, cool. I’m going to stay clear of you for sure. So yeah, no, I I completely agree on that, man. I’ve been in this space for a minute. So when I see that, I instantly turn the other way. There’s like no question about it. But it’s good, it’s good to hear that you guys have the same the same aspects on it. So before we wrap up, because we are coming up to 45 minutes an hour mark and I always like to keep things short, concise and get the alpha out there for you guys. Is there anything that you or Kevin want to share today that wasn’t spoken about so this could be announcements, things that you’re working on or just something that you guys wanted to share for the audience to hear today?

Damon Nam: Yeah, I’ll just share a little bit of insight and some things about Orange in general. So we’re obviously going through a fundraising process ourselves. This fundraising process will help us being able to just really extend our runway, especially when it comes to engineering and being able to execute what we mentioned earlier, our roadmap and whatnot, we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to raise a private round that includes a number of notable VC firms including NxGen ventures,, even the centralized exchange MEXC is on board with us as well and so really exciting for us. As we kind of lead into a public offering that’s going to be occurring at the end of this month and it’ll be supported by deep liquidity, including centralized exchange listings immediately following. I bring this up not just to kind of just speak about fundraising itself, but when we think about the market in general and I encourage everyone that enters this space as you kind of even if you’re just a speculator, yeah. We’ve been in this space long enough to know what it takes for a token to be successful, right? And then the right blueprint and model, ideally as you want a company that’s venture backed, you want founders that are experienced, that are doxxed, you know maybe come from a corporate background like we have and then have a product out on the market. So if anyone’s interested you can actually go test our wallet. Now we have a beta that’s available, we have it linked from our website and our documents as well.  So you can actually test and see the quality of our execution before we do a major release on it. Then most importantly, liquidity is very important especially for any token and its performance. And so, you know for us we wanted to make sure that it was critical that we had centralized exchange listings in place of not just one but multiple so that when the token is available that it’s widely available amongst different channels so that people could access it but then also has deep liquidity for it to trade. And so you know I I think I can say we haven’t seen this yet but from ABRC20 perspective I think we’re the first venture backed BRC20 token that will have a centralized exchange listing on day one. I’m so super proud of that. And you know, for anyone that wants more information about it, you can simply just go to or certainly follow us on our socials and connect with our team over Telegram. SPICY CAPITAL: Wicked, wicked wicked man. Thank you so much. This has been such a great space. I feel like I have been baptized in the Bitcoin ecosystem right now man. I’m definitely going to go to the main page on Twitter. Make sure to do what he said as well….

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