How to Participate in the Orange Crypto ($ORNJ) IDO on on LeverFi


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For those who don’t know, IDO means Initial Dex Offering, meaning that anyone can buy a specific token from the launchpad before it gets listed on any decentralized exchange. LeverFi is one such platform that is at the forefront of innovation, bringing fresh and dynamic opportunities to the rapidly growing web3 user community in the realm of decentralized finance (DeFi). The company operates two DeFi platforms, one of which is LeverPro, primarily focusing on high-potential BRC20 DeFi projects, ensuring strong potential to deliver novel and exciting experiences for users within this rapidly expanding ecosystem. Orange Crypto ($ORNJ) is based on the BRC20 network, which means it can be listed on LeverPro for IDO, and that’s what happened here. This guide is about how you can participate in the IDO for LeverFi and buy $ORNJ for higher returns and benefits. So, let’s see how you can do it.

How to Enter LeverPro Launchpad

Participating in the LeverPro Launchpad is quite simple and easy. The easiest way involves staking LEVER, the official token of LeverFi. It grants exclusive access to high-potential BRC20 projects. The platform also offers Golden Tickets to the stakers, a privileged project launch allocation. These Golden Tickets extend exclusive rights to engage in Initial Inscription Offerings (IIOs) and Initial Dex Offerings (IDOs) for upcoming projects within the Bitcoin/BRC20 ecosystem. By holding Golden Tickets, users gain early entry into the value discovery phase, enabling them to participate in the initial stages of promising projects fostering a dynamic and engaging experience within the LeverPro Launchpad ecosystem. This unique approach ensures that stakers not only contribute to the growth of LeverFi but also position themselves at the forefront of innovative opportunities in the decentralized finance space.
Stake LEVER tokens for access to LeverPro Launchpad.

How to Participate in BRC20 IIO and IDO

Everything you read earlier was the first step in participating in the IDO and IIO. To participate in any IDO on the platform, the user needs to perform the following tasks:
    • To initiate participation, the users need to sign in with their Metamask wallet.
    • Then, the users must link their BTC address and email on the LeverPro portal and provide all other necessary details required by the platform.
    • LeverPro manages the allocation process using a lottery system. Project launch allocations are based on user opt-ins. The lower the opt-ins, the higher the chance of an allocation for each user.
    • The users must check back on the LeverPro portal to view the outcomes of the allocation process.
    • Once the tokens are allocated, users must fund their allocation within a specified window of 24-48 hours, or they might lose their chance to participate in the new launch.
    • Lastly, at the release of the project launch, users can claim their BRC20 tokens through the LeverPro portal, completing the participation process.
Wasn’t that easy? Once you get the hang of the process, you will participate in multiple projects in no time. You can also buy $ORNJ tokens from LeverPro Launchpad and earn numerous incentives and higher profits once the project finally launches. The launch date is 01/30/2024, and the public sale price is set at 0.06 USDT.

Rules for LEVER Staking

Users who stake their LEVER tokens earn this cool thing called LVR. LVR isn’t just a random acronym – it’s like your VIP pass on LeverPro. Having LVR gives you extra perks on the Launchpad. If you’re one of the top LVR holders, you’re basically getting the red carpet treatment. You get first dibs with guaranteed or priority allocations of Golden Tickets. It’s like the golden key to exclusive opportunities. For the nitty-gritty on how to stake LEVER and dive into this LVR world, check out [Link]. It’s your guide to the good stuff!

Launchpad Rules

In the previous sections, we have talked about Golden Tickets. These tickets have a specific ratio and are allocated on the basis of rankings the users have on the platform. Let’s see how these tickets are specifically distributed:
    1. VVIPs: The first 100 Golden Tickets are allocated to the elite top 100 LVR holders. Opting in for a project launch burns 15% of a user’s LVR, creating room for new VVIPs.
    1. VIPs: The next 180 Golden Tickets are reserved for the next 200 leading LVR holders. This implies a 90% chance of successfully receiving an allocation. When you opt-in for a project launch, 10% of the user’s LVR is burned, providing opportunities for new VIPs.
    1. xLEVER: The remaining Golden Tickets go to xLEVER stakers through a lucky draw system. xLEVER is earned by staking LEVER. Users who are staking LEVER for more extended periods receive more xLEVER. Smaller stakes can compete on an equal footing with larger stakes by staking for extended periods.
LEVER Staking Portal: LeverPro Launch Portal:

Collaboration Between Orange Crypto and LeverFi

Orange Crypto and LeverPro are collaborating to bring one of the best crypto tokens in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. $ORNJ will be the inaugural project launching on the LeverPro launchpad. If you wish to participate in the $ORNJ IDO, stake your LEVER on the Launchpad as soon as possible, as the platform will start to take staking snapshots soon. Read more about this exciting collaboration here.
Collaboration between Orange Crypto and LeverFi

Summing Up

So, everything that you need to know to participate in the $ORNJ IDO and LeverPro Launchpad is given above. The steps are mentioned clearly with all the requirements. But still, if you face any problem, you can reach out to us, and we’ll solve your issue quickly. Visit the Orange Crypto Website and read more about the project here.