Orange x Wolf Web3 AMA Recap – BTC Takeover: Red, Blue or the Orange Pill


In a vibrant AMA with Wolf Web3, Orange Crypto, shed light on their vision and upcoming offerings. Damon, with a corporate background from Microsoft, emphasized Orange's focus on Bitcoin and the development of infrastructure solutions like the Orange Wallet and DEX to support Bitcoin-centric protocols and standards. Kevin, sharing his journey from consulting to crypto, highlighted the importance of data and growth marketing in their strategy. Orange's unique approach includes integrating AI to enhance user experience, enabling actions through simple voice commands, and fostering a comprehensive ecosystem beyond just a wallet. They are set to launch the ORNJ token, aiming to stay native to Bitcoin while exploring collaborations and partnerships to expand their reach and functionality within the Bitcoin ecosystem. The AMA underlined Orange Crypto's commitment to innovation, collaboration, and community engagement in the rapidly evolving Bitcoin DeFi landscape.