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21/03 Market Recap: FLOKI AND DOGE Lead as Cryptos Soar Post-FOMC


In the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies, the market has recently witnessed some significant movements, particularly after a period of decline. ...

20/03 Market Recap: Altcoins Rise Amid Bitcoin Dip


Bitcoin and the broader cryptocurrency market have been on a wild ride lately, with significant price swings and volatility. After ...

19/03 Market Recap: Bitcoin Dips, Altcoins Follow


The crypto market has taken a significant hit, with Bitcoin and several major altcoins experiencing sharp declines. Bitcoin, after reaching ...

18/03 Market Recap: Solana Surges and Slerf’s $10M Slip Up


The cryptocurrency market has been on a rollercoaster ride lately, with the overall sentiment recovering from a recent downturn. Most ...

17/03 Market Recap: Bitcoin Hits 10-Day Low, Alts Bleed


The cryptocurrency market took a nosedive this weekend, with Bitcoin leading the way in a significant slump. After briefly hitting ...

16/03 Market Recap: Bitcoin Aims for $70K, ALTs Rally


Bitcoin once again captured headlines with its rollercoaster price movements. After a tumultuous week that saw it plummet by $8,000, ...

15/03 Market Recap: Bitcoin Tumbles, Alts Bleed


In a dramatic turn of events, the crypto markets witnessed a staggering loss of $250 billion overnight, with Bitcoin leading ...

14/03 Market Recap: Bitcoin Brushes $74K as SOL and BNB Hit Highs


In the ever-turbulent sea of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has once again proven its dominance by charting a new all-time high, nearly ...

13/03 Market Recap: Bitcoin Record High, Altcoins and XRP Surge on Investor Optimism


In an electrifying turn of events within the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin not only rebounded from its recent dip below $69,000 ...

Orange Alpha – February 2024 Equity And Crypto Market Recap


February marked a significant period for both the macro economy and the crypto market, showcasing resilience, growth, and an evolving landscape influenced by technological innovations, policy decisions, and investor sentiment.