Orange Community Telegram TEXT AMA Transcript- 25/04


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DAMON: What’s up everyone! Keeping busy with some upcoming product releases, exchange listing, collabs, and more. How is everyone doing? We have our team online and in the chat ready to take any questions that you may have.

@eXpectxChaos: Saw “wen reward portal” teasing on X 👀

DAMON: We wanted to take the time to catch up with our community as well as answer any questions that you may have.

@eXpectxChaos: When can we expect to see a reward portal?

DAMON: Ask and you shall receive:  You can now begin seeing your points that you have accumulated. We’ve also made updates (performance, functionality, features, etc.) to:

– Orange Explorer:

– Orange Marketcap:

KEVIN: We still need to make updates and things are still WIP, but things are progressing nicely across all products.

DAMON:We’d love any feedback that you may have before we publicly announce it. We’ll also hold a special live session in the future to announce the upcoming rewards, etc.

Turbo X: Hey 👋 How close are you to getting the main wallet product fully released?

DAMON: Public release is ready. We are submitting to the Google Chrome App store and teeing up marketing. Turbo

KEVIN: We are very close. We probably could have released it already, but are doing some last second additions.

@Mesmer09: How do I connect to rewards portal with XVerse?

ORANGE: Open your Xverse browser and paste the link Then, connect your wallet, and you’ll be able to see your points.

@BotoLemineral: In what ways does Orange Crypto leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology within its ecosystem, and how does this integration enhance usability, access to information, and overall user experience for managing crypto assets?

KEVIN: Our Orange Wallet will incorporate our Orange Assistant, which will differentiate us from other wallets and truly take usability and functionality to another level. It’s essentially our own AI assistant living on your desktop. Here is a preview in case you missed it.

We are also incorporating this in other products, such as our Orange Bot, which we will plan to announce soon.

DAMON: AI in general greatly enhance user experience. When you think of ChatGPT for example, it enables you to be able to gain valuable insights, data, and execute tasks  in seconds. We are applying the same principles to finance. 

Crypto is already confusing. But imagine if you as a user can access any relevant crypto data, transaction history, or execute transactions in your crypto journey quickly without having to search for how to do it yourself.

Some use-cases:

– 24hr trading volume eth

– last 5 transactions

– send $50 btc damon.btc when gas fees below $20


Turbo X: You mentioned an upcoming HTX AMA, sounds like you guys have a good relationship with them and possibly a new Tier 1 listing with them shortly?

ORANGE: We’re currently running a campaign with them. You can participate by voting for ORNJ to be listed on the HTX platform. 

Here’s the full details of the campaign. 

You can vote in two ways:

🟠 Comment here with #primevote and #htx

🟠 Vote with rockets 🚀 on HTX

If we win, voters will receive a portion of a $100,000 prize pool.

KEVIN: We are hoping we win PrimeVote and it leads to it, but we need everyone’s support!

Usman: I see the upcoming token unlocks are for marketing and liquidity. Can we see tier 1 exchanges listed in q2 or even q3 for ORNJ?

KEVIN: We are frequently working behind the scenes and pushing very hard on this internally. This is a priority for us. Have you seen our HTX campaign we announced yesterday, which could be our first Tier 1 exchange? But we have many conversations and initiatives currently ongoing related to this.

ORANGE: That’s the goal, buddy. We’re working really hard to ensure we get listed on those top-tier exchanges. Right now, we’re in discussions with Kucoin, and perhaps HTX could be next in line soon, we need your help by voting for ORNJ:))

DAMON: That’s the goal. We want to have widespread availability and deep liquidity for $ORNJ. Tier 1’s are our priority. That said, we don’t know exactly when they will land because all requirements are different. But we are in talks with all of the large players and even working strategically with OKX and Binance on initiatives together (to deepen the relationship for listing as well). We do have some more upcoming listings with smaller exchanges that are proactively listing us. Usman

Usman: Also can we see any collaborations with rune projects down the line as you support runes?

ORANGE: As the Token Standard is just released, we will observe and stay in Contact with projects, that established in the market. To have some room for Collaborations. For example we already were in Contact with Runes Terminal and provided a WL giveaway in our Holder Channels for their Mint a few weeks ago. With more to come 👀

@aerowoLfd: Can you tell us about the challenges your project is facing and how your project addresses the challenges?

KEVIN: Personally for me, a challenge is continuing to have announcements so that we meet the expectations of the community. We have been building a lot and very fast and some people always want more. We have only launched for less than 3 months and have accomplished a ton.

X :Estimate date for wallet release?

DAMON: Target is in 2 weeks depending on Google Chrome App store release. X

@Rasonnn: Marketing is a central element for every project, so that everyone knows the potential that a project can bring is vital to achieve the goals set. What is your strategy to attract new users and Investor to your platform and keep them long term ?

KEVIN: We have many long-term relationships with KOL and are frequently exploring new partnerships. We plan to spend more on user acquisition after more core products are launched and are actively exploring more bottom funnel initiatives like questing, paid ads, etc. We also have a lot of unreleased and cool things coming out that will surprise our community and drive a lot of hype.

@Johnlexxx: What is your main focus right now, are you focusing on community or market / exchange or products? Please tell me?

DAMON: A few:

– Orange Wallet adoption

– Building more tools and utility to drive people into the ecosystem to adopt Orange Wallet (Bridge, launchpad, etc.)

– Community building and deeper penetration in the APAC region


KEVIN: All 😀

We are product led, but have a strong focus on community and exchanges are a priority and will come as we grow

@NOMNOMNOMSS: Would AI be a major focus for marketing? As wallets do not tend to have a high market share narrative. It would be good to have a good focus on AI to open the scope of users and communities onboarding. What are some forms of marketing the team is readying up for?

DAMON: Yes we will have a big push on this. Luckily, we’ve garnered the support of Microsoft, Google, and Consensys to help us build and push this as well. We’ve received support in growth programs for each company that includes technical guidance, developer resources, and grants / credits to build in this direction. @NOMNOMNOMSS 

Also look forward to the integration of our AI tech inside of our upcoming Orange Bot release that is dedicated for Telegram and Discord.

@RooftopAS: What distinguishes Orange Crypto’s decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem from other platforms, and how does it empower users to access and manage assets such as Bitcoin, BRC20 tokens, Stacks, and Ordinals NFTs?

KEVIN: Our team, commitment to building and excellence, our entire ecosystem of products and how they integrate one another, our AI assistant and our user experience are some of the aspects that I think are stronger than other projects. All of that is crucial as users, especially those not familiar with crypto, onboard to Bitcoin, which will see even more growth with metaprotocols. A lot of projects just raise funds, go silent and fade off into the background. We want to actively push, iterate and disrupt.

DAMON: On top of this, we want to build and break things fast. This enables us to keep our community updated, demonstrate ongoing progress, get feedback to improve and more. 

The key is not to be perfect and wait to release or take action. The key is to constantly improve. I wish more companies in our industry would do the same.

@mix_78: Do the token holders have the right to participate in the governance of the project? On what kind of decisions can they vote about the project?

DAMON: Yes. We will be launching a governance portal for holders to create proposals and also vote on key decisions. The plan for the portal is to be open-source and extensible so any BRC20 token or metaprotocol to be able to use for their community governance as well. @mix_78

Usman: Also can we see any collaborations with rune projects down the line as you support runes?

KEVIN: Yes, we already have a partnership with Runes Terminal and are exploring more as well. Runes will be a part of our initiatives both short and long term.

@hacknhatrang: what backer of Orange Crypton?

KEVIN: Some of our strategic venture partners are nxGen Ventures,, MEXC Global, and more. We were oversubscribed so had the luxury of picking who we wanted to work with.

DAMON: You can view all of our backers here @hacknhatrang

Alex C: When can we see Github from Hacken report?

DAMON: It’s because our github is private for competitive purposes. We will open it up after release, Alex. 

@mix_78: Did you consider community feedback/requests during the creation of your product to expand on fresh ideas? Who is your ideal consumer for your product?

ORANGE: Yes sure we want our Community and Holder to give us Insights in user Experience and feedback. To be as close as possible to our Community. We not want to exclude nobody from using our wallet. That’s why we want to design our wallet easy to use with for example the implementation of Ai Assistance. But a basic general knowledge in Blockchain and Web3 is useful in every regard.

Turbo X: How many ORNJ holders are there and do you have anywhere to view like on EtherScan?

DAMON: You can always view the details here:  Turbo

@GerradSmaLe: One of your products is ORANGE Wallet, it is a wallet on web3, what technology is used in this wallet, to protect and guarantee the security of digital assets, can you also mention to us, how fast is the exchange withdrawal to the Wallet? @KevinHuynh

DAMON: We just had our Orange Wallet audited by Hacken. That’s just one of the steps we do to ensure security. You can find the results here:

We also do our own internal testing, beta programs, etc. Please also note that our wallet is non-custodial and decentralized. No one can ever touch your funds including us. 

Regarding exchange withdrawals, we can’t do anything about that. Withdrawal times will be dependant on each exchange’s internal process and how long transactions take on the Bitcoin blockchain. @GerradSmaLe

KEVIN: We have the security of Bitcoin and have been audited by Hacken with a perfect 10/10 score, so that should be pretty secure as long as you don’t click and allow access to  your wallet to drainers and suspicious links.

@aerowoLfd: What is the most ambitious goal of your project? What is the ultimate vision that Your project is trying to achieve within the cryptocurrencies market? I would appreciate it if you could share with us any Upcoming Updates?

KEVIN: World domination 😂 Everything that is built now on other chains will come to Bitcoin, and we want to be the company that enables all of it.

DAMON: Technically:  To be the infrastructure layer for all things Bitcoin. Business:  To help consumers easily manage their Bitcoin and metaprotocols. @aerowoLfd

@BotoLemineral: Btw guys can you share to us about the sneak peak of upcoming orange product or features?

DAMON: We have public releases for the following in this quarter:

– Orange Wallet

– Orange Bridge

– Orange Starter (launchpad) @BotoLemineral

@trmi111: Does the Orange Crypto plan focus on markets like China?

KEVIN: China is a huge priority for us. We hired a BizDev director for APAC (Nic) that speaks Chinese and making a lot of key connections for us. We are also hopeful that HTX works out and that will lead to great growth in the region

@BotoLemineral: Orange bridge?? How many chain will available?

DAMON: ETH upon launch. Then the following in this order:

–  Linea (Consenys)

–  X Layer (OKX)

–  All other EVM chains  @BotoLemineral

Alex C: Does you have a plan to upload Youtube Guides for new investors?

DAMON: Yes.We have text articles available on our Gitbook. Here’s an example: But we will also supplement this video demos, etc. Alex

KEVIN: We have some text based help docs and of course some great community mods, but plan to release more video content as our products are released.

@amirzakirr:  Do token holders have the right to participate in the management of other projects? Can they vote on new decisions about the project?

KEVIN: $ORNJ allows for governance of Orange currently, and we plan to have some related projects and tokens that we will launch that $ORNJ could have influence over.

DAMON: $ORNJ will also be the greatest rewards token IMO as well. The rewards we have lined up that can be redeemed for Orange Points are pretty sick.

Usman: With the bitcoin halving out the way. Usually we enter a proper bull market that lasts up to 12 months after the halving before the next bear market starts if the cycle continues like the previous ones. How do you plan to hold and add value to the ORNJ token during the bear market and onwards? As a long term investor I would like to hold this token long term and not just for the bull market. There are more and more coins and projects that are released or being released on the bitcoin ecosystem and have similar use cases. How do you plan to keep ahead of the competition?

DAMON: We are aligned with Bitcoin. So if Bitcoin does well, all tokens including ourselves will do well. Especially in a bull market. Likewise for a bear market. I personally think the next 2-3 will be very bullish. Usman. As for how we can add value? Build utility through great products and services. Since we operate at the infrastructure layer (wallet, bridge, etc.) consumers will always need these types of products to manage their assets. We just need to create the best experiences and value to gain as much adoption as possible.

@BotoLemineral: Is there any minimum token that we need to hold before participate in governance? Because I see a lot of project doing that🤔 @KevinHuynh

DAMON: TBD @BotoLemineral

@BotoLemineral: About the orange bot I see, the utility is an advanced chatbot assistant designed for Telegram and Discord, so my question is, is the bot friendly for beginners? Before I use it do I need to pay or it’s free to use?

KEVIN: It’s super easy. And it will be free to use in its basic form, but if companies want to have a more customized version for their community they can pay to upgrade. IMO its comparable to PAAL, which is a $235M market cap company, and this is just one of our products. And on the free version, it provides marketing and exposure for Orange. It’s a very underestimated part of our product portfolio currently.

@BotoLemineral:Okay, it will be great guys if you provide the link about the bot so we can try it at this moment😁

KEVIN: We will announce soon, but we have already been testing in internal channels and will integrate it into our own TG and Discord soon.

DAMON: Orange Bot will first be deployed to our private Holders telegram group. @BotoLemineral

@aerowoLfd: Non-crypto user is very important for mainstream adoption. How you are planning to attract non-crypto users towards your project? Is there any upcoming partnership that will brings non-crypto user and real-use case?

DAMON: Our points system is a good start that brings an traditional rewards system unlike trading staking programs. We also want to partner with more web2 companies and offer solutions that can help onboard their customers. @aerowoLfd

Usman: The team is doxed and cone from tech backgrounds. As ORNJ is collaborating with Microsoft. Will we see collaborations with tech companies like oracle, amazon, Google etc in the future?

DAMON: These large tech companies tend to avoid public collaborations with crypto companies. But that said, we are already working with some of these companies in their startup programs. Usman

@mix_78: Revenue is an important aspect for all projects to survive and maintain the project/company. How have you been able to build a complete project and what is the way to generate profit/revenue of the token? What is the income model?

DAMON: Revenue will be obtained from:

– Fees from swaps, onramp transactions, etc.

– API sales from Orange Indexer and Orangemarketcap

– Ad model on Orangemarketcap

– etc.

We have thought about a “revenue sharing” model for stakers but are still deciding on the best route for that to ensure we navigate securities laws, etc. @mix_78

@Ansepso: I have invested in so many projects that make so many promises without delivering on them, they tend to base the viability of the project solely on price movements that if the investor throws it away, their team will give up and stop developing (which hurts long term holders) then jump in creating a new, different project , rather than developing functional, revenue-generating utilities. How can $ORNJ assure us that holding these tokens is more rewarding in the long term and that you won’t give up when the going gets tough?

DAMON: We hope that the first 2.5 months of our execution / actions is an indication of intent to grow Orange into a very large successful business. During this time alone we have:

– Listing on 12 CEXs, 1 DEX, 3 marketplaces

– Have $5M average daily trading volume

– Publicly release 4 products and services (not including Orange Wallet, etc.)


We have much more planned and we don’t intend to let our foot off the gas pedal.

@Johnlexxx: My question, most decentralized exchanges have some common problems which include; low volume, low liquidity levels and poor user experience. What has Orange Swap done to address this issue? How does Orange Swap plan to solve these problems?

DAMON: We can also source liquidity from other exchanges as an aggregator. Our swap employs more than just a traditional AMM model. @Johnlexxx

Usman: There are more and more coins and projects that are released or being released on the bitcoin ecosystem and have similar use cases. How do you plan to keep ahead of the competition?

DAMON: But which ones actually have a product, demo, are doxxed, experienced, etc. So many new projects are taking advantage of the narrative and market conditions to launch a new money grab. Be careful out there and only trust the ones that are actually building. I have yet to witness a lot of true builders in this space and our category. Usman

@PoPSpaceX: If an unexpected technical issue or vulnerability occurs in the project codebase, what contingency plans does the team have to mitigate risks and protect investors’ interests?

KEVIN: We will have to approach this on a case by case basis, but a lot of the solution is preventing any vulnerabilities. And that is where being proactive with audits, using best practices and having a team experienced (Since 2017) in crypto come into play. We also prioritize true decentralization so that to an extent everything in itself is secure and governs itself and avoids centralization risks.

@Nathaniel_In: Considering the market condition how they are team intend to make this project stand out? Would their be opportunity for community members to have their impact?

And moreover this project its local project or global project? If its global project what is they are plan to avoid heavy dump of the project and moreover Some will say staking is nothing new and has been done countless times. How do you plan to make it feel different and exciting for investors. Also it is never sustainable, what do you say to that?

KEVIN: Answered the standing out and differentiation bit already. For community members, honestly its using our products and giving us feedback and promoting Orange to your other friends and communities. It’s a global project. If you’ve been around you know that we had a huge unlock 1 month after our token release and stabilized token prices with announcements and releases. I would say that our project is majority retail owned as of now and don’t foresee any dumps. But our death at 1 month was greatly exaggerated 🤣 Staking isn’t new, but the way we are doing it is. The fact that you don’t have to send your tokens to any platform and custody them yourself is pretty cool IMO. And the way we have different rewards makes it feel fresh and exciting IMO. We have exclusive tokens and rewards in that portal.

Name one company that is building and releasing faster than we are. I’ll wait.

@BotoLemineral: Last question from me ,I want to ask about how your project can retain customers and projects in the long term. Considering so many customers who join the platform and leave the platform in a matter of a few weeks, and also the many projects that fail early in the journey. How do you keep your customers and projects afloat over the long term? And what are your plans to keep users engaged with orange ecosystem and achieve growth? Thanks

KEVIN: By creating better and sticky products and an ecosystem that keeps them engaged. 

You want to buy bitcoin? Orange Swap

You want to hold bitcoin? Orange Wallet

You want to check the price of Bitcoin? Orange Assistant via Orange Marketcap

You want the next best thing in Bitcoin? Orange Launchpad

You want to talk to people about Bitcoin? Orange Bot will be in the background facilitating discussions.

You want to build something on Bitcoin? Orange L2

You want to relax and blow off some steam in a virtual world? Orange Stealth Concept  😆

And we are just getting started.