Orange Community AMA 11/04 Recap and Transcript


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Participants: Orange and Community


Topic: Community AMA

Date: 04/11/2024

Length: 1:03:40

Summary: Over the past couple of months since launching our token, Orange has released several products like Orange Wallet (which recently passed a security audit), Orange Market Cap, Orange Explorer, and Orange Indexer. They have also secured listings on multiple centralized exchanges, partnerships with major players like MetaMask and Microsoft, and have an upcoming loyalty rewards program tied to token holding. Looking ahead, they plan to fully launch the Orange Wallet, release additional tools like an AI assistant bot and cross-chain bridge, open a project launchpad/accelerator, and continue rapidly executing on their roadmap to cement Orange as a leading platform within the Bitcoin DeFi space.


DAMON: Being that it’s recorded, we’ll go ahead and we’ll share this session after it’s done as well. So. Actually it looks like people are still not able to hear. We’ll have part of our team send out just a notification. It looks like for those that aren’t able to hear, if disconnect and reconnect. That solves the problem. Let me let the team know here so we can let everyone know. Okay. As I mentioned, we’ll go ahead and get started. Since this session is being recorded, people can always listen to this after the fact as well as normal. We’ll also do a transcript and then allow people that don’t want to listen, but would rather read just a transcript and get a summary. We’ll provide that as well after the call. Just some housekeeping issues. We are doing a $50 giveaway to one of the attendees on this session today. All you have to do is obviously just attend this session as well as follow us on our socials, including both X Telegram and discord. I see a lot of familiar names here. So happy to have everyone here today. We have a lot to cover. I’m going to try to go through it as quick as possible so that we can also open up questions for folks towards the end as well. But normal cadence. Right? We’re just going to go through, provide. Some updates from there, talk about some of the highlights we’ve had as well as what we have planned, and then from there open up a lot of questions. We like to do questions at the end, just because a lot of questions tend to be covered through a lot of the things that we provide updates on anyhow. So let’s go ahead and get started. I’d like to first kick off with just highlights about Orange and what we’ve been able to achieve over the past few months here, including a lot of recent developments since we last spoken. So let’s talk about a few things here. As everyone’s fully aware, we’ve been on this journey here for over a year now, technically about 13, almost 14 months. And most of you have only been within our journey, maybe recently. And since we’ve launched our token a couple of months ago. So as a little bit over a couple of months ago, so we launched the Orange token here. It was the beginning of February, and over the past couple of months, we’ve been able to achieve quite a bit of milestones, both as a community, as a team, as a project. Overall, the things that I’m most proud about, about our team is even within that timeframe, we’ve been able to release three products and not even our major products. Right. So part of our goal, as we’ve kind of gone through this journey, is to ensure that one we build and we prove ourselves before we even come to market. And so we’ve been actually developing quite a bit of technology here, specifically within our ecosystem, for quite some time, with the intention and plan that when we do release the token, we’re able to achieve a lot of milestones and demonstrate progress in a very short period of time. And so, as everyone knows, we’ve been working on our wallet, which has been in beta now for a few months and has been in the process of being audited by hacking. And we just received our audit report back this week, our final audit report, in which about a month ago, they provided us with our initial report. And within that initial report, they identified a number of recommendations, as well as some issues that they recommended that we resolve from both a security and code perspective. The great thing about the audit that revealed we had no critical issues, there were about a dozen or so other issues that they recommended to fix. We resolved nearly all of those issues, minus two particular issues that were more related towards lower security risk items and that we decided not to address in order to make sure that the user experience of the wallet was user friendly. We’re happy to report that in our final audit report, we’ve been able to get all of those issues resolved and come out with a score of ten out of ten. And this included multiple ratings in the areas of both security, as well as code quality and documentation. And so it’s something that we’re extremely proud of because, one, it’s very difficult to achieve that type of rating, especially across the board. And then two, you know, we’re very particular about the way that we develop code. Code quality is something that’s very important to us. And in addition to that documentation, as many of you may have seen, with how we document and provide documentation publicly, as well as even, you know, inside of our code, as well as for preparation for the audit so comprehensively across the board, being able to achieve those type of results is something that we’re extremely proud of. With that being said, we’re looking to be able to release the wallet here in the coming month, and there’s going to be quite a bit of hype and marketing and things that we’re doing on our end to ramp up for that. As far as other achievements are concerned, as I mentioned, part of our goal has always been to ensure that we’re constantly pushing the needle and developing and building. And so over the past few months we’ve been working on other items and products within our ecosystem as well that really feed into our overall strategy of having this comprehensive set of tools, products and services that really serve and better serve this particular category of the industry. And so we’ve released initial versions of Orange Market cap and Orange Explorer. I’m happy to report that we’ve just recently updated those again. And now if you visit any of those particular tools and products, the performance is much better. The experience from a performance as well as just user experience perspective is better. We’re constantly improving both of those products to include new features as well in our next release that we’ll be doing over the next, I would say, month or so includes some additional feature set that provides even more data and some additional features that we’ve heard back from our community. So if you haven’t used those products already, highly recommend that you do that. Orange Market cap is our data aggregator, kind of our version of CoinMarketCap that’s specifically focused just on the bitcoin ecosystem and all meta protocols. And then Orange Explorer is our blockchain Explorer specifically for blockchain and all metaprotocols as well. Future releases for these potential products here also include support for a lot of emerging meta protocols. You’ll start seeing things that you’ll start seeing support for other protocols such as runes, obviously BRC twenties and new token standards. And so we’re really excited about this because if you look at the industry from a data perspective today, there’s not one single place or repository or product you can go to to be able to get this information. It’s very rare that a lot of companies are even indexing and providing this information, especially for all the new metaprotocols that are coming out, including runes. And so to be able to consolidate, well, first to be able to even gather and ascertain this data, but then consolidate it and be able to present it and house it in a very valuable way for consumers is something that we think is very value added and is going to provide a lot of information for the overall industry. We also released Orange Indexer, and our Orange indexer, for those that aren’t aware, feeds into our data strategy and aligns with what I just mentioned. You know, when you look at just industry overall, BRC 20 tokens and all these metaprotocols, again, it’s not easy to be able to gather this information. And so our indexer, that’s running on our own bitcoin node allows us to really gather all data on the blockchain for bitcoin, including these metaprotocols, and then we are able to serve our own products with this data. But on top of that, it allows us to be able to create APIs for the industry to be able to use. So our strategy around Orange Indexer is not only to be able to feed data into our own products, but then provide a subset of APIs that other developers and projects can use in order to build solutions to extend the potential of the industry, and then also add an extra stream of revenue for us as we look to be able to sell some of this data through APIs in the future. So the strategy with Orange Indexer is twofold in that it allows us to really help support the industry in expanding and reaching its full potential in building a lot of new products and solutions and services, especially as more projects onboard into Defi and bitcoin. But then two, it’s also a great business revenue opportunity for us as well. So we’ve already released those three products within the first two months of our token being launched. And on top of that, this has all been going on while we’ve been working continuously building on Orange Wallet. The thing that we should also note about Orange wallet is that it hasn’t been on hold since we’ve been going through the audit with hacking. So we’ve been continuing to build functionality and extend other services onto it. As I mentioned earlier, these other metaprotocols that are coming on board have huge potential and we’re seeing new tokens being launched on a lot of these new metaprotocols. And we, operating at the infrastructure layer, want to be able to support all of them. So within the wallet in our public release that we’ll be doing this month, we’re not only supporting bitcoin ordinals, BRC twenties and stacks, but we’re also adding support for runes. So we’ve been testing out that functionality. It’s working very solidly as well. Super excited to be supporting that, especially considering a lot of the energy and excitement that’s happening in that space. And so we think that that’s going to be a huge opportunity to onboard a large community of users from different token projects as well. The other thing that I’m very excited about as well, because for those that are very familiar with BRC 20 tokens, to send a BRC 20 token requires two transactions. So first you have to inscribe tokens and then you can transfer them. That usually takes two transactions, two separate schedules, etcetera. We’ve been able to combine that into a single transaction using some technology that we’ve developed. And so in the public release for Orange Wallet, you’ll be able to not only just automatically load any BRC 20 token in your wallet, but in order to send them, it’ll just be one transaction, simply just like you would send any normal transactions, such as bitcoin or even Ethereum, etcetera. So super excited about that because we think that that user experience previously and with some of our competitors is not a good solution. It’s not consumer friendly, but our solution around that makes it much, much more easy and much more consumer friendly. So some other highlights that I just want to mention as well. Again, it’s only been two months, but we’ve already been listed on twelve centralized exchanges, one decentralized exchange and three marketplaces. Again, for since we’ve started our journey, one of our goals was to always ensure strong availability and deep liquidity for the token itself. So through our network, through a lot of hard work, through a lot of business development and building relationships, we’ve been able to really accelerate and do very, very well in this space. It’s very uncommon for any new project to be able to get a centralized exchange listing, especially in the BRC 20 space. But to be able to do that to the degree that we have been able to with twelve and in the time period that we’ve been able to do it in, very proud of our accomplishments there, you can expect us to continue to work down this path as well. Our primary focus, our tier one centralized exchanges, there are a lot that we’re talking to that are not tier one s. Just to be very frank, we’re not really driving a lot of those relationships. If you see any listings moving forward that are not tier one centralized exchanges, that could be because they’re proactively listing Orange, which we welcome as well. Right. So if they want to provide that liquidity, if they want to acquire Orange tokens, to be able to serve their community and their user base, we’re open to it. But at this stage we’re only actively pursuing tier one centralized exchange listings and we’re continuing to work down that path and you can certainly expect more in the future. We’ve also been able to achieve over $6 million in daily trading volume. Again, to be able to achieve that in this short period of time, I think speaks a lot of volume about our progress, about the deep liquidity that I was speaking to earlier, and it also helps us attract these tier one centralized exchanges as well. So something that we’re extremely proud of. And you know, our goal is obviously to continue to get more exposure out on the market, get more centralized exchange listings, increase our token holder account, drive deeper liquidity and have more daily volume, and just continue to go down that path. Our community has continued to grow organically to the extent to where we have quite a bit of community members, followers, fans, holders, etcetera. Token Holder count is steadily increasing, which is a positive sign. As reported on the blockchain, there’s currently over 2000, I think, three holders in self custody wallets. We don’t know the exact number of token holders on centralized exchanges and we never will, right, because we can’t get that data, but we think that there’s a large population on centralized exchanges as well as we can see through our trading volume. And so, so far the token holder count is healthy, but obviously we still have ambitions to be able to increase that, and obviously that happens through more exposure, more marketing and things that we’re very focused on. We’ve also had over 20 plus collaborations. We’ve announced a lot of those collaborations publicly. Some of those names include larger names such as Metamask. So that’s something we’re proud of, and we’re continuing to build alongside and work alongside a lot of those partners in order to build solutions together or either help integrate the Orange wallet into their particular DAP or ecosystem, or vice versa, supporting the token inside of the Orange wallet. We’ve also executed multiple campaigns with different centralized exchanges. So, you know, there’s been AMA giveaways, there’s been different type of airdrop campaigns through some of decentralized exchanges, including binance. And so we’re very proud of that as well, because it allows us to gain more exposure to potential new users and holders and to be able to work with recognized names such as Binance this early on, we think, is certainly positive. And then we’ve also been accepted to a number of different accelerate acceleration programs. I would say, as we’ve announced in the past, we’ve been accepted into the consensus scale program. So we’re building alongside the team at consensys to be able to extend both of our ecosystem. This includes some building alongside Metamask, as I mentioned earlier. We’ll reveal more information about that in the future. It also includes building with Linnea blockchain and that team. One of our ambitions is to drive deeper interoperability cross chain. So not just with the bitcoin ecosystem, but obviously to be able to support ERC20s and ERC 20 equivalent evms. So consensys is obviously one of the largest players when we think about Ethereum, ERC20s and evms. And so working alongside them really extends our engineering capabilities and accelerates our progress in that area. This also includes being accepted to the Microsoft Startups Hubs program. So because of our work around our Orange assistant and some of the things that we’re doing with natural language processing and AI, we’ve been able to catch the attention of some of the larger players in the space that are really growing their AI initiatives. Microsoft has their own initiative. In fact, they’re one of the largest investors in OpenAI and so, so it’s a huge priority for them. Google has their own initiative as well, and we’ve been able to get a grant from them on Google Cloud services, including their AI component, so that we can build our solution and some of our language models leveraging their tools. But all of this is just positive signals as well as validation for us as well as should be a signal for our community as well, that not only are we very interested in building out solutions that help us provide value to our holders, the communities, the overall industry, but to be able to do that and be accepted and recognized by large institutions, and being able to work alongside, alongside some of these brands and gain support and help from some of these brands, both financially as well as from an engineering perspective, is a great thing for us in our business, especially this early on. So hopefully that provides validation to our community that we’re making some very good progress in working with established brands in the overall tech industry to really help us achieve our goals. So again, extremely proud of our highlights that we’ve had as a team, as a community, as a project that’s really building on the forefront of a huge narrative in our industry. Let’s take a look at what we can expect over the next quarter here. So we do have quite a bit of pipeline of a pipeline in this next quarter and we’ve been building in preparation for it, both from an engineering and a business development perspective. So let’s start off with next week, which is pretty important milestone for us as well as jam packed in terms of what we can expect. Spect so one of the largest conferences in our industry, token 2049, is going to be occurring next week in Dubai, and our team is going to be hosting a private event the night before the actual conference opens. And so for holders that are in town, we’d love to have an opportunity to be able to meet you. If you need more information about it, please let us know and then we can certainly provide details. But again, this is a recognized event where we want to be able to celebrate a lot of our accomplishments, meet a lot of our holders, connect with investors, partners, you know, potential new partners, etcetera. And so we want to use this as an opportunity to be able to celebrate some huge milestones as well as generate even potential new business activity during one of the biggest conferences in the city. So that’s going to be occurring next week. On top of that, we’re going to be opening and launching a couple of new products here. And when I say products, one is more of a service. I would say because, because we’ve been talking before about the concept of staking and loyalty. And for those that are aware, we opened up our loyalty program a month ago where by holding warrants, tokens, just in any self custody wallet, you can accrue points, and by using those points, you can redeem rewards in the future. Anyone that’s been holding Orange tokens since the beginning of March has been automatically accruing these points. And next week, we’re going to be opening up our rewards portal, where you can actually connect your wallet and then view the points that you’ve been accumulating. Again, this is a self custody program. We’ve been able to use our indexing technology to be able to recognize where your tokens are, the quantity, the amount, how long you’ve been holding them for. And as long as they don’t move within yourself custody wallet, you automatically accrue these points. And this is something that we’re extremely proud of, because if you look at traditional staking programs in the past, there’s downside risk of being able to lose your funds or having scams because you have to send your tokens to a smart contract that could potentially, as we’ve seen with other projects, get drained by the developers or potentially be hacked, etcetera. So for us, security was a priority, simplicity was a priority. And we came, we came up with this model that allows you to be able to retain full custody of your assets. They remain in your possession, but yet you still earn points for your loyalty, much similar to kind of like a mileage program for any type of airline. And so again, the rewards portal opens up next week. And then from there, over the coming weeks, we’re going to be revealing a lot of the rewards that you could potentially earn and redeem with your points. I’ll highlight some of those later on in the conversation. The other product that we’re going to be releasing here next week is what we call the Orange bot. So the Orange bot is essentially powered by our technology we’ve created for Orange assistant. But the Orange bot operates specifically inside of telegram and discord. And so a lot of you are familiar with bots and, you know, price bots, buy bots and all that type of stuff inside of telegram or, or discord as an example. So we’re launching our own as well. The initial version will just be restricted and kind of focused just towards the Orange ecosystem. But some of the cool things that you’ll be able to do is ask the Orange bot different type of queries, right? So you can ask price information similar to what you could expect with traditional. Price bots inside of telegram. But since it’s powered by our Orange assistant technology, you’ll be able to ask it more robust information as well. So if you’re familiar with a lot of different communities inside of telegram, you know, often people come in and they ask, you know, where can I find tokenomics? Or where can I find contract address? Or, you know, a lot of repeating questions that really just add noise into, let’s say, a telegram community or chat with our Orange bot technology. You’ll be able to ask that information and get it as if you were speaking to one of our community model. And why we think this is valuable is, one, it helps us reduce a lot of the workload that our community managers have to continually just repeat over and over for the same questions. But then two, this aligns with part of our strategy and offerings in that we can actually leverage this technology and have other communities use it as well. And so the initial versions again are very focused towards Orange. You’ll be able to ask it anything related towards Orange itself and be able to receive a response. And then future versions include more language models where we incorporate where other communities can actually customize the bot for their community. If you want to ask anything related towards the industry, you’ll be able to find that as well. So if you want to say what’s the total, so supply for Ethereum or what’s the circulating supply for Ethereum, you’ll be able to get that information very quickly, what’s the price for a particular asset, etcetera. So we think this is value added as well. And again, it’s part of our, it aligns with part of our long term strategy as it pertains to the Orange assistant and data overall. The other thing that we’re going to be releasing next week part of our Orange indexer strategy. We’ve released a subset of APIs that developers can already use to be able to build their own unique products and solutions. Next week we’re going to reveal. So, so far, sorry, I’ll step back. So far it’s been about, I think around ten to twelve APIs that we’ve publicly published. Next week we’re going to release more APIs for developers as well. A lot of these APIs will be relevant for anyone that’s looking for information on market statistics, including price, including total supply, including things that you would find inside of Orange Market cap. We want as part of our data strategy to be able to create as many APIs as we can to allow developers to be able to build on top of it. And so you can expect us to release additional APIs next week. A lot of these are related towards Orange market cap in the future that will continue to build as we release more functionality, more APIs, including, you know, APIs for Orange Indexer and Orange Explorer. From a business perspective, the reason why we’re doing this is because one, we want to support the industry and the advancement of the industry and help support other developers building solutions in the space. But two, and most importantly, we are a business. At the end of the day, we need to be able to generate revenue. Part of the strategy is that we want to allow builders to be able to leverage these APIs now, but as we provide more value in the future and more APIs become available as their utilization increases and as they use these APIs more, we can help grow alongside them, but then also have a revenue model where we can actually charge for these APIs as well. So that’s just one of our revenue streams, but it’s part of our much larger strategy when it comes to revenue. And then before the end of the month we are going to hit our largest milestone in which we’re already working towards the release of the Orange wallet publicly. And so as many of you know, we’ve been in beta for quite some time and now we’re focused on bringing this to market publicly and having it live on the Google Chrome App Store. So instead of having to kind of manually unpackage, you know, the zip file that we have currently, you’ll be able to just go to the Google Chrome App Store, download it as an extension and then update it as you so choose to. So a very easy installation process, much similar to what you would expect with installing, let’s say, Metamask and then you can continually update it over time as well. So what you can expect with that is obviously a lot of marketing leading up to it. We’re going to be doing some cool, creative marketing campaigns as well as giveaways in order to encourage adoption. And I’ll kind of expand on that in a few minutes. The other things that we’re working on that you can expect over the next quarter, we’ve been developing out our bridge that enables anyone to be able to bridge a BRC 20 token into an equivalent ERC 20 token, or even EVM equivalent. And the reason why we went down this path is because, again, interoperability, especially cross chain, is one of our initiatives. It’s something that is important to us as well as something that’s been recognized as a need in this industry. And so obviously, there’s some large players in this space now, including multibit. You know, a lot of people have released bridges, including Satoshi, VM, et cetera. We want to be able to support this with our own product. And so the Orange Bridge bridge, which has been in development for some time now, will be released soon as well. And it’ll allow even our community to be able to bridge their Orange tokens over from BRC 20 to ERC 20, if you so choose. And the value here is that on some of these other chains, certainly transaction fees and transaction times can be much lower than what you would experience in the bitcoin blockchain, so you can certainly look forward to that. And then what we’re very excited about is also our launchpad and accelerator. So we’ve been able to team up with a number of VC’s and venture capital partners to be able to develop and accelerate a program where we want to incubate emerging and reputable projects that are building in this space. And we also wanted to add an extra value added service to our holders to be able to get first access to some of these emerging projects as well. So we’ll be opening that up towards the later half of this next quarter. So I would say towards the June timeframe where we’ll be introducing some very exciting projects where only Orange holders will be able to get access to. And as you’re all aware, being able to be early, especially on a lot of new projects, can be very fruitful, especially from a community perspective, from a financial perspective, etcetera. So you can certainly expect that in Q two as well. So I want to circle back real quick in terms of the loyalty rewards that we’re going to be providing inside of our Orange rewards program. Again with Orange rewards. When you do not move your Orange tokens and you hold them in a self custody wallet, you obtain Orange points. The Orange points will allow you to redeem rewards. You know that we’ll be hosting. And the reason why we’re very excited about this is because if you look at traditional staking programs, what they typically do is you have to lock up your token inside of some sort of contract so you don’t have access to them. There’s security risk, etcetera. Then they promise you these outlining Apui, like these interest rates that you could potentially gain, sometimes upwards into the hundreds percent, which is really not economical in my opinion. But anyhow, they promised these great interest rates where you can actually earn significant tokens back for staking. And the reward is usually their own native token. And the problem with this model is that, one, there’s a security risk for sending your tokens to these type of contracts, to these type of promises and guarantees. If you look at the industry overall, have never worked out that great, to be honest. Right? If we look at historical examples where people have made these types of promises, most of these projects do not live. And then we’ve also seen a lot of these promises just not come to fruition. And then third, by earning your own token, again, it just becomes diluted. And so typically anything that’s received for free becomes instant selling pressure. And so for us in our rewards program, the way that we thought about it is, one, we don’t want to have Orange token as reward because we don’t want to dilute it. We think it’s extremely valuable, extremely great value, store value. And we want that to remain that way. You know, the staking reward is Orange token itself then becomes highly dilutive. Two, we wanted to give our community the flexibility of choosing what your reward is. So with your points, you’ll be able to select in an e commerce type of shopping experience the type of reward that you want to redeem. So this is going to include a variety of different rewards. One, as I mentioned earlier through our launchpad, one of our requirements for any of the projects that we list is that there’s going to be a listing fee. And so that listing fee, whether it’s, you know, paid in, let’s say, USDT or bitcoin or even their own native tokens, that will all go to the community as a reward. And so you’ll be able to redeem, let’s say, say, other partner project tokens if you want, as a reward. So that gives you extreme flexibility there, especially if you want to get in very early on some of these projects, etcetera. You can also redeem your points for whitelist for some of these projects and partners that we’ll be working with. We are also launching some other tokens for projects related towards the bitcoin ecosystem. You’ll be able to have early access and redeem it there as well. This includes a meme token that we’re going to be launching on the BRC 20 metaprotocol that will also be bridged with Solana. That will be a reward that you can redeem. We also have an educational bitcoin game that we’ve been working on inside of our team, which we haven’t announced. We’ve actually skipped just kind of a side note on that. We’ve actually scaled our team quite a bit to the extent to where we have our own cto of gaming now that’s been on our team since January with some other game developers, etcetera. And we’re working with other partners to be able to bring this game to life where you can actually learn to earn. We’ll dive deeper into that more in later, but that’s going to be a reward as well. And then in the future, our l two blockchain that we’ve kind of hinted about that we will release and have its own native token that’ll also be a reward that holders can redeem. So it’s a whole portfolio of different rewards that allow you the flexibility to be able to choose, pick and choose the things you want instead of locking you into just one option. We want to mimic the traditional kind of airlines mileage type of program where you have that flexibility, you can redeem whenever you’d like and you have a variety of rewards that you can redeem from. So we’re super excited about that and even very excited about the rewards as well. We’ll have some separate announcements as well as even Ama’s to discuss those rewards deeper. But at a high level, we wanted to at least give a little bit of exposure of what you can expect there. One of the questions that we’ve seen within our community is what’s our strategy to acquire users for the wallet and our ecosystem of products? And so one of the reasons why we even developed an ecosystem of products is one we love to build. It’s fun for us and we also think that the industry needs it right when we look at the tool sets, the products and services that are available in the bitcoin ecosystem today, ironically, there’s not a lot and there’s not a lot of major players. So one, we want to be on the forefront of that and be a leader of a lot of this building. Two, it’s very fun for us. Then three, it helps draw people into our overall ecosystem, and then our goal is to be able to move them and adopt the Orange wallet, which is our core product. So that’s our first strategy. The second is we want to continue to add value added features into the Orange wallet so that it attracts people. It gains new exposure, it provides value and utility to the extent to where people will want to use it as their main wallet. So obviously the Orange wallet includes primary functions and features such as sending, receiving, storing. But value added features would include the ability to be able to swap or bridge inside of the product itself. Right. Our Orange assistant in our AI technology that complements and makes that user experience easier is another value added feature. So that’s another part of our strategy, is to make sure that we continue to layer on more features so that attracts folks into the not only ecosystem, but the product itself. The other strategy that we’re going to be using to acquire users is obviously marketing includes with influencers, digital ads, sponsorships, etcetera. So you can certainly expect that we want to be highly collaborative with other projects, so we’ll continue down the path of partnerships. And one of our major goals for the wallet is to support as many, many meta protocols and tokens as possible. So part of our listing strategy and user acquisition strategy includes listing as many tokens as possible so that we can actually acquire the community. So if we list a token, obviously that includes a lot of cross marketing, which helps us gain exposure. It also allows us to potentially onboard new folks into our ecosystem and then even new holders. So this becomes a huge part of our strategy because let’s just say there’s a community out there such as tap protocol as we support tap inside of the wallet. Their community is quite large, right? Let’s say it’s 40,000 plus. That’s 40,000 plus potential new community members that we can actually gain inside of our community, acquire as users into the wallet, as well as potentially have as new holders into Orange. And then lastly, we’re going to be doing campaigns and giveaways as well. So as I mentioned, the meme token that we’ll be launching in the future, there will be no raise for that, that’ll be completely free. But the conditions are that you have to be Orange holder as well as it can only be claimed inside of the wallet. So this helps tremendously with user acquisition because in order to be able to claim that particular meme token, obviously you’ll have to download the wallet. It’ll have to be your wallet where you claim the actual token, the meme token itself. And then, you know, we have to validate that you’re actually holding Orange tokens inside that wallet in order to be able to make that claim. So all of these things from a strategic perspective really will help us with user acquisition. It’s not the only things that we’re doing, but as long as we hit a lot of those points that I just mentioned, you know, we can gain significant traction in a very short period of time. We’ve already, through our branding, through our community, through our marketing, marketing, we’ve been able to generate quite a bit of excitement exposure in a very short period of time. But I expect that to grow exponentially in the coming months as we really accelerate and list a lot of tokens inside of Orange wallet as well as onboard a lot of new partners into the platform to sell. So what you can expect here over the next quarter is a lot of product releases, announcements, continued collaborations. We want to continue to execute at a very fast rate. We think that the market is moving rapidly, as we can see, and we want to be on the forefront of a lot of that growth, that development, that building. The faster that we can execute, the faster we can get our name out there, the better that we can establish ourselves as one of the early players and we can onboard and adopt a lot of users, especially over the long run. Statistics suggest that when people, especially at the infrastructure level, when they enter this industry and they work with a product, especially a wallet, they tend to stay with that, that solution, you know, kind of for the rest of their journey. And so for us, we want to be able to get Orange wallet and some of these other products as the first product that a lot of consumers or a lot of, you know, even crypto enthusiasts that have been in the space for a while that are just now kind of jumping into bitcoin. We want to be their first solution, their first experience, and we think that especially in comparison to competition, we can certainly retain them, you know, throughout the life of their entire crypto journey. So expect a lot of what I just mentioned as well as even tighter integration between all of our products and services. So all of these things that we’re developing now, it may seem fragmented, but. It’S part of our overall strategy. Kind of all plays together. Right? So Orange indexer. That data gets fed into Orange Explorer, Orange market cap, which all plays into kind of the data that’s fed into the Orange wallet. But meanwhile they can also be used as separate solutions to be able to potentially onboard folks into our ecosystem. But expect all of these things to play together very nicely so that the ecosystem is cohesive. It allows people to easily switch in between these different environments and provide them with the information that they need at any point in time. So overall, I hope that this update and what we have to look forward to really gets everyone excited. We’re extremely excited. We think that we’ve accomplished quite a bit in very short time, especially over the past couple of months here. We expect that pace to continue our philosophy, our quest is really to become the infrastructure layer and leader for bitcoin and all of the bitcoin meta protocols we’ve been executing at a very fast level. And we don’t want to take our foot off the pedal. We want to continue to build fast, we want to continue to show progress, we want to iterate, take in suggestions from our community and just continue to build on top of what we have already. So even as you look at some of the way that we’ve been deploying products so far, a lot of projects in this space tend to have some sort of roadmap and say, okay, we’re working towards this, and it might take them three months, six months in order to be able to release a product. What we want to do is take the traditional path of what you would expect out of a DC startup. We want to build frequently, we want. To release it frequently. We want to fail fast, meaning get bugs discovered, get feedback from the community. We want to be able to discover issues that we can fix, continue, get feedback on what works for the community, what they want to see, what they don’t want to see, and then continue. To refine the product so that it. Continually gets better over time. And by doing this, the product just continues to get the focus that it needs in order to really match the market demand. But then on top of that, it allows us to demonstrate to you, through actions, progress. Right? So unlike other companies in this space. That, you know, make very large promises, but execute very slowly and often like to use the word, oh, it’ll be off soon, or whatever the case may be, you know, we want to be able to show this progress live because there’s nothing better than demonstrating what you’re actually building and what you’re talking about than the product itself. So you can continue to expect us to do that and we assure you even the initial versions of, let’s say. Orange market cap, orange wallet, V four. Will continually get better, V ten will be even more comprehensive and you know, be very tailored towards exactly what our users want. And you know, over time we just continually execute this type of process to where each one of these project products continues to meet the demand of the consumer. We’ll continually release and update these products. We want to continue this, this cadence that we have right now. As all of you have seen, especially on Twitter, we provide weekly updates about what’s going on, what we’ve talked about, what we’re doing, what we’re building, the releases, etcetera. That’s not going to stop, that will continue. We want to hold frequent AMA’s with everyone as well, so you can expect us to connect. We’ll also probably open up maybe some text AMA’s since not everyone’s available for these type of sessions. And then as holders, we truly believe that you should feel safe about your involvement or investment with any type of project. And the best way to do that is by building trust. And the only way that we can do that is through constant communication and our actions. So you can certainly expect that from us at Orange, as well as a lot of exciting new developments in the future. We’re working on client collaborations, deep collaborations with very large brands, including Metamask. As I mentioned, we’re going to be announcing a collaboration with OKX and Binance in, I would say a month’s time as well. And so, you know, we’re not only from an engineering standpoint, but business development is certainly a huge priority for us. And we’re working with some of the largest names in this space in order to be able to accomplish our objectives. And so hopefully that instills a lot of trust with our community to know that, you know, not only are we going to say that, not only are we going to do what we’re going to say that we’re going to do, but at the same time, we’re working with some of the largest builders and recognized names in the space in order to accomplish our vision. So with that said, I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support. You guys have been a great community in helping us achieve our milestones and getting us to where we’re at today. We thank you for that continued support. Again, if you’re in town next week for Token 2049, as a holder, we’d love to meet you. We want to be able to meet people in person. This is a very long term journey for us. We love to be able to establish relationships with folks that want to join us in our journey as well. So if you’re in town, please let us know. Other than that, onwards and upwards. And, you know, we look forward to even much greater success together in the future. That said, I know we’re at the top of the hour here. I do want to take just a few questions from those that are on the call. And then following that, as we normally do, what we’ll do is we’ll choose a lucky winner for that $50 in bitcoin. We always use Twitter Picker to announce the winner there and we’ll publish that as normal. So if anyone has any questions, feel free to request to be on stage or raise your hand here, man, it looks like we have quite a bit requested. Let’s see here. Actually, we have a lot of requests to be on stage, but to simplify that, if you have a question, please just raise your hand, signify with an emoji and then we’ll bring you up on stage. I don’t see any emojis yet. Let me ping the team here to see if we have any. All right, well, well, it doesn’t look like there might be any questions. If you do have any, just feel free to ping us inside of the community. I’m actually inside of Telegram quite a bit as well. Happy to always connect there, answer questions. But yeah, feel free to ping us in our DM’s on Twitter, open up a ticket on discord, ping us in on Telegram. Always happy to help. Look forward to a lot of exciting things, even starting next week. Really proud of our community and helping get us where we are today. So thank you again. Sincerely, appreciate the time. Everyone, have a wonderful day. We’ll talk to you again soon. Bye.