12/04 Market Recap: Bitcoin Rises and Slips, PUPS Shine With 50% Gain


Bitcoin climbed back above the $71K mark but gave up its gains to currently sit at $692,000, contributing to a market capitalization that now exceeds $2.7 trillion. Bitcoin was as high as a 6% increase, but has given up those gains in the last hour so sit on a small .3% loss over the last 24H.

What was green is now red with just a few notable majors sitting with a gain. In the top 100 we see BitTorrent (BTT) and Cronos (CRO) sitting with a 6% and 2.5% gain respectively. PUPS the new BRC-20 memecoin continues its amazing run, with a 50% gain and rising to $75, but as high as $87. Just a week ago it sat at $6 before starting it’s ascent in the top 200 cryptos. Conversely the once popular SLERF is down 20% and WIF pulled back for a 12% loss, while Bittensor is down 18% after rising about 30% yesterday.

As the Bitcoin halving approaches, the excitement within the crypto industry is palpable, with many analysts and traders making predictions. The Bitcoin network has also become more secure, with mining difficulty reaching new highs just days before the halving.

In other developments, Binance’s CEO Richard Teng has highlighted the company’s growth and maturity following a settlement with the US Department of Justice. Additionally, the Bitcoin Ordinals protocol is seeing increased activity ahead of the halving, and Voyager Digital has secured $484 million from settlements with FTX.