How to Buy, Deposit, and Withdraw $ORNJ on BingX


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For those stepping into the cryptocurrency world but need help figuring out where to start, here is the solution. BingX serves as your portal to a diverse array of buying options. 

BingX, a leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, offers an innovative and user-friendly interface for users looking to dive into the world of digital currencies. 

With BingX, dive confidently into the cryptocurrency market, armed with a suite of tools designed for both novice and experienced investors alike.

Step-by-step guide

This article explains the whole process of buying $ORNJ on BingX, from the initial step of setting up an account to the final purchase process.

Step #1: Creating an Account on BingX

Gone are the times when buying digital currencies was a difficult task. Now is the time that allows you to secure cryptocurrencies with a single click.

To initiate the process of buying $ORNJ, the initial step is to create an account and complete the Know Your Customer (KYC) process.

There are two convenient options for establishing your presence on BingX:

  • Sign up through the BingX App: Download and register directly on the BingX app.
  • Use the BingX Website: Opt for registration using your email or mobile number via the BingX website.

Step#2: Buy $ORNJ Tokens

After registering your account on BingX, click the ‘’Buy Crypto’’ option on the top left corner of the home page. 

Choose how to buy the $ORNJ Tokens from the three given options.

  • Quick Buy
  • P2P Trading 
  • Fiat Deposit

Navigating ‘Quick Buy’ Option

First, you simply input the amount of fiat currency you wish to spend within the ‘Pay’ section, ensuring that USD or your chosen currency is selected. 

Then, proceed to the ‘Receive’ field to select the cryptocurrency you intend to acquire, such as USDT, entering the desired purchase amount within the provided limits.

With all details carefully reviewed and confirmed, clicking the ‘Buy’ button will initiate the transaction.

P2P Trading:

Additionally, you can purchase Orange ($ORNJ) directly from other individuals using BingX’s peer-to-peer service. Every order and transaction within the platform is safeguarded by escrow, along with BingX’s robust security measures.

This feature is a valuable alternative for users who encounter issues with their debit or credit cards.

Fiat Deposit Process on BingX

To initiate a fiat deposit on BingX to purchase cryptocurrencies, begin by locating and selecting the ‘Fiat Deposit’ option, typically found on the main dashboard, for easy access. Once there, enter the desired amount into the ‘Deposit’ box, ensuring it meets or exceeds the specified minimum, which, according to the screenshot, is set at 40.00 EUR.

Select a payment method by clicking on the relevant dropdown menu, offering various transaction options through BingX. 

To finalize your deposit and fund your account, click the ‘Continue’ button.

Step#3: Trading $ORNG Tokens

Engaging in cryptocurrency trades, like Orange, on BingX is straightforward and efficient. The platform garners millions of cryptocurrency traders’ trust daily for their daily trading activities. 

You just need to follow a simple process to carry out a crypto trade. Educational resources are widely available online, or you could opt to watch BingX’s detailed video guide on executing trades with $ORNJ for a more guided approach.

How to deposit ORNJ Tokens

  • Log in to your BingX account, click the wallet icon in the top right corner of the homepage, and select “Deposit” from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the currency, network, and account for your deposit.
  • Copy the deposit address and proceed to the withdrawal platform to make the transfer.

You can also refer to the BingX video tutorial for the detailed process.

Depositing Through App

  • Log in to your BingX account, click the “Assets” button in the bottom right corner of the homepage, and click “Deposit”.
  • Choose the currency, network, and account for your deposit. If you wish to upload the QR code of the deposit address to the withdrawal platform’s app, click “Save Picture.” 
  • Or, click “Copy Address” to directly copy and paste the deposit address into the address field of the withdrawal platform. After that, proceed with the transfer on the withdrawal platform.

How to Withdraw $ORNG Tokens from BingX

  • Sign in to your BingX account.
  • Proceed to the ‘Wallet’ area and click on ‘Withdraw’.
  • Choose ORNJ from the list of tokens.
  • Select the appropriate network for the withdrawal.
  • Input the destination address and the amount to withdraw.
  • Review all the provided details, particularly the withdrawal address.
  • Acknowledge any transaction fees and complete the verification steps.
  • Submit your withdrawal request and wait for blockchain confirmation.

How to Transfer $ORNJ Tokens from BingX to Orange Wallet

Suppose you have successfully purchased $ORNJ tokens on BingX but now want to transfer them to the Orange wallet for safekeeping. First, you need to install the Orange wallet. To do so, follow the Guide from the official Orange crypto site to do it quickly. 

Once you’ve downloaded the wallet, it’s time to learn how to send $ORNJ from BingX to Orange Wallet. You can read the Complete Guide here on receiving an asset in Orange wallet, either Bitcoin, Ordinals, or other protocols. 

To summarize it in a couple of sentences. Go to the wallet interface and tap the “Wallet Address QR code button.” Here, you will find all the asset addresses that you can receive. So, choose the Ordinals / BRC-20 address and copy it. 

Now, go to BingX and withdraw your funds. While withdrawing, they’ll ask for receiving addresses, so add the one you copied earlier from the orange wallet. Tap Send and wait for a couple of minutes for the transaction to complete, and that’s it. Your $ORNJ tokens have now been transferred to your Orange wallet.


Whether you are entering the cryptocurrency market for the first time or aiming to broaden your investment portfolio, BingX offers a robust platform to help you reach your financial goals with $ORNJ. 

Its user-centric design, advanced trading tools, and educational resources ensure a supportive environment for both new and seasoned traders to purchase $ORNJ and confidently navigate the cryptocurrency market.