Orange Investor Letter and Update


Updated on:

To our Orange community, We wanted to share an update on Orange including our past success and highlighting our upcoming plans. Let’s start with a few accomplishments:
    • Orange is the first BRC20 token with VC backing, a product, and multiple CEX listings upon launch
    • Orange is backed by VC partners and notable angel investors in the blockchain industry
    • Orange Wallet has been developed and is currently under a security audit and  penetration tests with Hacken
    • The Orange community has organically grown to over 16K followers on X and over 1000 token holders in the past month
    • $ORNJ has deep liquidity with availability on 5 exchanges and 2 marketplaces on token launch
    • $ORNJ token ATH’s are 13X its IDO launch price
    • $ORNJ token holders are steadily increasing while having strong trading volume for a BRC20 token
What we have been able to accomplish, has been historic, to say the least. Recently the performance of $ORNJ has declined as holders have expressed concern in the upcoming token lock on March 1st. I want to clarify and share our opinions as we move towards this milestone. But before doing so, let’s understand the situation. In December, we opened a private round to align ourselves with strategic VC firms and angel investors that could aid in our journey. Being oversubscribed in the round gave us the luxury of handpicking the partners we believed could add significant value while working with us over three long term. Meanwhile, also know that straight investors typically do not flip their investment one month in, ahead of the halving and upcoming Hong Kong ETF approvals, in an emerging category, on the cusp of a new bull run, on the best blockchain in the world. Our private round represents 25% of the token supply. An additional 5% will unlock from the marketing and liquidity allocations. Please note that token unlocking does not equate to immediate token selling pressure. As an example, marketing tokens will not be used for some time as we have raised funds allocated for this. Liquidity tokens will be reserved for upcoming centralized exchange listings including three at the end of February and more planned in Q2. We also strongly believe private round investors will be longer-term investors for the reasons mentioned above, our organic traction, future plans, and more. Let’s speak about the more… In the next 6 weeks, Orange will unveil the progress that has been achieved by the months of hard work of our team, partners, and community. This includes but is not limited to, multiple product launches, centralized exchange listings, strategic collaborations (not just simple wallet integrations), surprise announcements, … and more. These milestones will be reinforced with marketing campaigns and support from organic KOL investors, partners, etc. This may be a biased opinion, but we believe these milestones will be the largest that our industry has witnessed in the shortest most condensed amount of time. While we won’t reveal details yet, buckle up and take the Orange pill if you haven’t already. If you’ve been impressed and are a believer of Orange to date… we are confident that you’ll even be more. Not only are we developing solutions and driving business opportunities at a very rapid rate, but also executing at a very high level of quality as you have experienced and should continue to expect. We can’t control what the market does and how it reacts. But we can control the execution of our vision. And with that, you should be assured that all business decisions have been thoughtfully executed including strategies regarding the upcoming token lock. We hope that this reaffirms our progress, intent, and seriousness in our journey. Orange is not a project and we aren’t a meme token. We are a legal and compliant business with a revenue model. And if the performance of $STX and $ALEX are any indicator, it should signal that when you align early with reputable and experienced builders… you will win over the long term. The common theme will all three of our companies are experienced doxxed teams, VC backing (which brings accountability, responsibility, and shared success), and that we are infrastructure for Bitcoin. The difference between us three? Orange is only one year in with two weeks since the launch of our token and a market cap of $10M. We’ll let you decide the upside potential. Crypto is still early. You are still early. We are all still early and Orange is here to stay. We won’t stop until we achieve our goal of becoming a leading infrastructure layer for Bitcoin. If you believe in the success of Bitcoin, you should believe in the success of Orange.