Reviewing the Best BRC-20 Wallets in 2024


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Embarking further into the world of cryptocurrency, we’ve arrived at a segment dedicated to offering an in-depth study into the best BRC-20 wallets of 2024. At Orange, we have dedicated ourselves to measuring our service to the best out there. And this article aims to equip you with the knowledge needed to make a well-informed choice about which digital wallet aligns best with your needs in the blockchain landscape. Each wallet is meticulously analyzed for its performance, security, user experience, and effectiveness in real-world situations, ensuring you have a clear understanding of which option might best support your digital asset management journey.

Ordinals Wallet: The Pioneering Portal

Ordinals Wallet, a trailblazer on the frontier of Bitcoin Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens, offers a non-custodial, web-based platform that’s accessible and secure. Its open-source nature promotes transparency, attracting those who value verifiability in their digital endeavors. Security: Adhering to high-security standards, Ordinals Wallet ensures that users’ assets are safeguarded with encryption and never stores private keys on its servers, granting users full control over their digital treasures. User Experience: Designed with simplicity in mind, the wallet’s interface is intuitive, making it an ideal choice for both novices and experienced users alike. The process of creating, sending, and receiving Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens is streamlined, offering a seamless user experience. Real-World Application: In the realm of digital collectibles and NFTs, Ordinals Wallet has proven to be an invaluable tool, enabling users to effortlessly manage their unique digital assets on the Bitcoin network.

Unisat: The Browser-Based Wallet

Unisat stands out as a dynamic and flexible browser extension wallet that simplifies the interaction with Ordinals and BRC-20 tokens. Its hierarchical deterministic framework enhances security and privacy, making it a fortress for your digital assets. Security: Prioritizing user privacy, Unisat encrypts private keys on the device, ensuring that sensitive information is kept away from prying eyes. The wallet’s open-source codebase allows for community vetting, further solidifying its security posture. User Experience: The wallet’s integration as a browser extension means users can manage their assets and interact with DApps without leaving their web browser, offering unparalleled convenience. Real-World Application: For those frequently engaging with DApps and blockchain-based services, Unisat provides a frictionless experience, streamlining transactions and interactions on the Bitcoin blockchain.

OKX Wallet: The Multi-Chain Wallet

OKX Wallet, with its broad support for over 3000+ tokens and thousands of DApps, stands as a multi-chain, non-custodial powerhouse in the wallet landscape. Its decentralized nature puts users in complete control of their assets within the web3 ecosystem. As a non-custodial, decentralized wallet, it guarantees that users retain full control over their assets and keys, enabling a seamless experience across different blockchain networks. Security: The wallet combines cutting-edge security features with the flexibility of non-custodial management, ensuring users’ assets and private keys are secure yet readily accessible. User Experience: OKX Wallet’s multi-platform compatibility and multi-chain support allow for a seamless experience across various blockchain ecosystems, making it a versatile tool for diverse crypto activities. Real-World Application: Its extensive dApp integration and support for a wide range of tokens make OKX Wallet a one-stop shop for users looking to dive deep into the web3 ecosystem, from DeFi to NFTs and beyond.

BitKeep: The Decentralized Powerhouse

BitKeep, serving over 10 million users, secures its spot as one of Asia’s largest decentralized wallets. Embraced by a worldwide user base, it provides a secure, transparent platform for managing a diverse array of coins and tokens. By supporting more than 90 blockchain networks, it facilitates effortless interactions with NFTs, DeFi protocols, and DAOs, as well as enabling cross-chain trading. Security: The wallet ensures transaction security and user privacy across its vast network support, maintaining a strong emphasis on safeguarding users’ assets in a decentralized manner. User Experience: With its Web3 dApp browser, BitKeep users enjoy direct access to over 20,000 DApps, making it a hub for exploring the decentralized web. Real-World Application: BitKeep’s global reach and multi-network support position it as a leading choice for users engaging in cross-chain trading and seeking easy access to trending tokens and NFTs.

Xverse Wallet: The Web3 Innovator

Xverse Wallet is designed for those with a keen interest in DeFi, NFTs, and decentralized applications. Xverse Wallet supports managing Bitcoin Ordinals/BRC-20 tokens and NFTs. It prioritizes user safety and security, ensuring assets and data are well-guarded. Security: Emphasizing user safety, Xverse Wallet incorporates features like encrypted private key storage and biometric authentication, alongside regular security audits. User Experience: The wallet is lauded for its user-friendly interface and the ability to connect to Bitcoin web3 dApps, enhancing the overall utility and value of digital assets. Real-World Application: Xverse Wallet’s integration with the Stacks ecosystem allows users to earn BTC through stacking pools and engage with Bitcoin web3 dApps, showcasing its versatility and innovative approach to asset management.

Token Pocket: The Blockchain Bridge

Token Pocket emerges as a powerful gateway to the blockchain ecosystem, offering seamless access to dApps, DeFi platforms, and a wide range of crypto assets. It has recently announced the integration of the BRC-20 standard into its wallet on May 9th, 2023, thereby expanding the suite of wallets supporting BRC-20s. This wallet is designed to bridge the gap between users and the blockchain by supporting Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-compatible chains, making it a versatile tool for navigating the decentralized web. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive support for various blockchain protocols position Token Pocket as an essential tool for both seasoned investors and newcomers to the crypto world. Security: Token Pocket prioritizes the security of its users’ assets through advanced encryption and security protocols. By implementing robust measures to protect private keys and transaction data, Token Pocket ensures that users can interact with the blockchain with confidence, knowing their assets are safeguarded against potential threats. User Experience: The wallet’s design focuses on simplicity and efficiency, providing an intuitive user experience that lowers the barrier to entry for engaging with blockchain technology. Whether it’s swapping tokens, participating in DeFi protocols, or exploring new dApps, Token Pocket’s interface makes these activities accessible and straightforward, catering to both novice and experienced users alike. Real-World Application: Token Pocket’s broad compatibility with EVM chains and its integrated dApp browser make it an indispensable tool for exploring the vast landscape of decentralized applications. From trading and lending on DeFi platforms to collecting digital art and NFTs, Token Pocket facilitates direct, in-wallet interactions with the decentralized web, empowering users to take full advantage of the opportunities available in the blockchain space.

Sparrow Wallet: The Bitcoin Enthusiast’s Companion

Sparrow Wallet focuses on delivering top-tier security, privacy, and ease of use. It is designed to cater to the needs of users who prioritize control over their financial assets, supporting both single-signature and multi-signature setups on standard script types. Furthermore, Sparrow Wallet offers comprehensive support for Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT), enhancing its utility for advanced Bitcoin operations. Security: Sparrow Wallet’s commitment to security is evident in its robust support for various wallet configurations, ensuring users’ funds are well-protected against unauthorized access. The integration of full PSBT support further underscores its dedication to maintaining a secure environment for executing Bitcoin transactions, providing users with peace of mind when managing their digital assets. User Experience: Designed with the tech-savvy Bitcoin user in mind, Sparrow Wallet offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly interface. Its comprehensive transaction editor and blockchain explorer functionality allow for meticulous inspection of transactions, giving users unparalleled control and insight into their Bitcoin dealings. This level of detail makes Sparrow Wallet an ideal choice for those who demand a deeper understanding and management of their cryptocurrency transactions. Real-World Application: Sparrow Wallet excels in environments where financial self-sovereignty and privacy are paramount. Its support for advanced wallet configurations, including multisig setups, positions it as a powerful tool for users seeking to enhance their financial privacy and security. Additionally, its transaction editing capabilities serve as a critical resource for users who wish to thoroughly review transaction details, ensuring accuracy and transparency before broadcasting to the blockchain. As the landscape of BRC-20 wallets continues to grow, so does the diversity of their offerings. From platforms that boast user-friendly interfaces to those that pride themselves on robust security measures, each wallet presents a unique suite of features. Our comparative analysis serves as your guide, highlighting the standout wallets that ensure your digital assets are securely within reach, and enriched with various functional features.

Orange Wallet: Leading the Way in Token Management

Orange is a newcomer in the brief but already storied life of BRC-20. Having studied the landscape, Orange Wallet positions itself as a leading figure in the management of BRC-20 tokens, providing an unparalleled experience for users venturing into this innovative aspect of the Bitcoin network. We distinguish ourselves through its smooth integration capabilities with the Bitcoin blockchain, specifically tailored to accommodate the unique features of BRC-20 tokens. This integration, coupled with its emphasis on AI, user-friendliness and robust security protocols, makes Orange Wallet an exceptional choice for those seeking efficient and secure token management solutions. Security: Orange Wallet prioritizes the safety of its users’ assets through the implementation of advanced security measures. These protections are designed to safeguard users’ tokens against unauthorized access and potential security threats, ensuring a secure environment for managing and transferring BRC-20 assets. The wallet’s commitment to security, without compromising on ease of use, provides users with confidence in their digital asset management. User Experience: Orange Wallet is designed for easy management and transfer of BRC-20 tokens, ensuring an intuitive and efficient user experience. With compatibility with the Ordinals protocol, it supports seamless interactions with BRC-20 tokens, making it accessible for both new and experienced users. The integration of AI enhances this user-centric approach, redefining the way users interact with Bitcoin. Real-World Application: In the rapidly evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Orange Wallet emerges as a vital tool for users looking to navigate the complexities of BRC-20 tokens. Orange Crypto envisions itself as a cutting-edge decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem, designed to enhance and streamline the management and usage of Bitcoin, BRC20 tokens, Stacks, and Ordinals NFTs. At its core, Orange Crypto aims to marry the robustness and security of blockchain technology with the versatility and intelligence of artificial intelligence (AI) to create a suite of user-centric products that redefine the way individuals interact with digital assets. By incorporating AI, the wallet goes beyond traditional transactional functions, providing personalized insights, recommendations, and streamlined asset management. This AI-driven approach ensures users can manage their assets more effectively, responding to market changes with informed decisions. AI makes navigating the complexities of the blockchain ecosystem simpler, ensuring a seamless interaction with digital assets for a broad spectrum of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. As we’ve explored the distinctive features that make Orange Wallet a top-tier wallet in the realm of BRC-20 tokens, from its seamless integration with the Bitcoin blockchain to its robust security measures and intuitive user interface, it’s clear why it stands out.

Getting Started with the Orange Wallet

Now, let’s transition to guiding you through the initial setup of your Orange Wallet. This process, designed to be as user-friendly as the wallet itself, ensures you’re equipped to confidently manage your BRC-20 tokens and engage with the wider Bitcoin-based DeFi ecosystem. We’ve dedicated an entire article to this which you can view here.


The exploration of the top BRC-20 wallets in 2024 reveals a diverse and innovative landscape tailored to meet the varied needs of digital asset management within the Bitcoin ecosystem. From the pioneering Ordinals Wallet to the comprehensive and user-friendly Orange Wallet, each platform offers unique features that cater to different preferences, whether for security, ease of use, multi-chain support, or integration with decentralized applications. The advancements in wallet technology, particularly those incorporating AI and robust security measures, underscore a significant evolution in how users interact with digital assets. Orange Wallet, with its cutting-edge approach to token management, exemplifies this progression, offering a seamless, secure, and intelligent platform for managing BRC-20 tokens and engaging with the DeFi space. As the blockchain and cryptocurrency sectors continue to evolve, the importance of choosing the right wallet cannot be overstated. The insights provided here aim to assist users in making informed decisions, ensuring that their digital asset management tool not only meets their current needs but is also poised to adapt to future developments in the blockchain world. As we move forward, the continuous improvement and diversification of wallet offerings will undoubtedly play a crucial role in the mainstream adoption and utilization of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.