Introducing Orange Crypto Community Initiatives and Rewards


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Hey everyone, while the Orange Crypto team has been heads down and focused on our launch,  development, and partnerships, we are now turning our attention to some new community initiatives. This is an exciting time for us as we drive mass adoption of the Orange Wallet. Our community is rapidly growing and we’re here to give it some extra love. We’re looking to reward outstanding members of our community and are going to put some rewards and Bitcoin behind it. We value quality content and insightful discussions, so make sure to bring your A-game. Share your knowledge, engage with the community, and stand a chance to win even more. We want to reward our active members who are outstanding members with support, insights. We’ll choose an outstanding community member in each channel every week to receive $25 in Bitcoin. And from time to time we will reward the community with other unexpected bonuses too. Earn some BTC, NFTs and other cool swag for insightful discussions, degen memes and any other outstanding community actions. Your contributions will not go unnoticed. Our goal is to build a tight-knit community where we support each other’s learning and growth. Telegram conversations will be closely monitored and not in the creepy Big Brother way. Spread knowledge and engage with positivity – your participation could be rewarded! And to further increase engagement, education and onboarding we will also be releasing our own quests. To further support the community we are also launching our own Discord channel and reorganizing our Telegram group into Topics. Launching a Discord will allow for us to reach and connect with more users and the distinct rooms and topics will allow for more curated discussions and reduce clutter and noise. This Telegram reorganization will erase all previous chat history, but allow for more insightful discussions going forward. The team is also planning on hosting regular deep dives, where we discuss trending topics and just hang out. As always, total transparency is key, so we will schedule regular recurring AMAs and Twitter Spaces with the team and partners to answer your questions regarding products, partnerships, and the general crypto industry. We can’t wait to see the interesting discussion topics selected each week and get to know everyone better through the planned Q&As. As a recap we are aiming to have these rewards across X, Discord and Telegram:
    • 4 x $25 Bitcoin rewards per week for the best posts or outstanding members of the week based on engagement
    • Other ad-hoc bonuses for outstanding community members or content
    • Regular recurring AMAs and discussion with the Orange Team and partners
    • Other perks such as quests, exclusive access, community contests, and swag
    • Discord Launch and Telegram reorganization