How to Participate in the Orange Crypto ($ORNJ) IDO on BRC20.COM


Are you interested in participating in the IDO of Orange Crypto $ORNJ? If yes then we’ll be talking about how you can do it ahead. But before that let’s take a quick quick glance at the platform.

Participating in the IDO of $ORNJ

Just a few days back, the team behind has announced the launch of their Launchpad. The $ORNJ IDO is scheduled to start from January 30, which means there isn’t much time left for you to get everything ready. But for now, keep in mind that you will need the $COM tokens to participate in the Launchpad, so if you don’t have any, you should buy some right away. The Launchpad will list multiple projects including ours, Orange Crypto ($ORNJ).

How Does the Launchpad Work?

For every launch, FCFS sales feature tiered allocations. Holding more $COM tokens grants access to additional tiers. Check the example table to understand how this system works in allocating participation levels based on token holdings. This means that for each token sale on, participants have the opportunity to secure tokens on a first-come, first-served basis. The allocation of tokens is divided into tiers, and the more .COM tokens you hold, the higher the tier you can access.

How to Participate 

The upcoming launchpad platform on introduces a seamless participation process. Users, upon connecting their wallets, prove their tier eligibility through three balance checks:
    1. Snapshot at Launch: Initial eligibility determined as the platform goes live.
    1. Contribution Check: User funds checked for eligibility when contributing.
    1. Token Claim Check: Eligibility reconfirmed when users claim their tokens.
Once confirmed, users can navigate the platform to purchase their allocation. If funds are sent after an allocation is filled, users can effortlessly reclaim their BTC. Successful purchasers follow a similar process to claim their acquired tokens post-sale. To maintain fairness, users engaging directly with the sale address outside the front-end may face a penalty fee when claiming back BTC without entitlement to an allocation. Participation is encouraged only through the official platform for a secure and streamlined experience.

Buying .COM Token 

One of the most important parts for participating in the Launchpad is the $COM token. So, it is important that we teach you how you can buy these tokens so you can successfully participate in the Launchpad and $ORNJ tokens as an initial token offering. Let’s see how you can buy .COM tokens.

From OKX Marketplace

1. Visit 2. Click ‘Buy now’ on your preferred order. 3. Choose your desired gas parameter and click ‘continue.’ 4. Confirm the wallet transactions. 5. Congratulations! You’ve officially joined the .COM community.

From Unisats Marketplace

1. Go to 2. Click ‘trade’ to access the marketplace screen with available orders. 3. Select the order you want to purchase. 4. Scroll down and click ‘Confirm.’ 5. Sign the wallet confirmations. 6. You are now a part of the thriving .COM community.

How to Buy $ORNJ on Launchpad

The Orange IDO will be split into 2 rounds. The first round will be a tiered round based on the amount of $.COM tokens a person owns as of the snapshot which will be taken on 29 January at 12pm UTC. The first round will commence on 30 January at 12pm UTC and will be open for participation for 3 hours. The total amount to be raised during the IDO will be 4.75 BTC Tier Allocation table:
$.COM holding BTC Allocation 
50 0.0025 BTC
500 0.0125 BTC
5000 0.0625 BTC
Following completion of the first round, if any allocation remains a second round will be open to anyone who holds a minimum of 1 $.COM token and wishes to contribute 0.025 BTC. This will commence at 3pm UTC and last for 3 hours. Each round will be on a first come, first serve basis. Upon completion of the two rounds and 1 hour prior to the listing of the Orange token on 31 January, you will be able to head over to our claim site and claim your Orange tokens and any Bitcoin refund that might be eligible at this time too if the round is oversubscribed. So head over to and connect your chosen wallet. The IDO will support the following wallets, Unisat/OKX/BitGet, so please ensure compatibility before starting. From there you can get access to the $ORNJ launch and the future of building on Bitcoin.