How to Participate in the Orange Crypto ($ORNJ) IDO on ALEX Labs


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We at Orange Crypto have been making quick progress to bring our $ORNJ token to our esteemed and loyal community. We have already collaborated with multiple other Launchpads. You can check out more information about our platform here. Let’s see how you can participate in IDO of $ORNJ tokens on Alex Lab launchpad. Their launchpad has made significant updates in the last few days, so I’ll walk you through the entire process of how you can seamlessly buy your favorite $ORNJ tokens.

IDO Details for $ORNJ

Now, let’s look at the details of the IDO in which you’ll be investing your money. There are a few details that you should keep in mind when you visit the Alex Lab Launchpad to buy $ORNJ.

Total Raise and Ticket Amount

The Launchpad aims to generate a total raise of 1,000 tickets. Each ticket is priced at approximately 0.0025005 BTC, equivalent to around 100 USDT. This suggests that users can participate in the IDO by purchasing one or more tickets, with the ticket’s value denominated in Bitcoin or Tether (USDT).

Subscription Currency

The Launchpad allows crypto enthusiasts to use Bitcoin (BTC) or an alternative form of Bitcoin (aBTC) as their subscription currency. This flexibility caters to participants who may prefer one form of cryptocurrency over the other, providing them with options for making contributions.

Max Tickets per Wallet (Lottery Stage)

During the lottery stage of the IDO, there is a restriction on the maximum number of tickets each wallet or participant can acquire. In this case, the limit is set at 50 tickets per wallet. This limitation is likely implemented to promote a fair distribution of tickets, preventing any single participant from dominating the lottery and increasing the chances for a broader range of contributors.

Registration Period

Registration for the Launchpad opens on Stacks block 136900, starting on January 25. Interested participants have till January 31 to register and participate in the Launchpad. It’s crucial for contributors to complete their registration before the specified closing date to be eligible for the upcoming events.

AMM Pool Opening

The Automated Market Maker (AMM) pool will open on January 31, following the registration phase. The AMM pool is likely a liquidity pool that facilitates trading and ensures liquidity for the launch of new tokens. Participants may contribute to the pool during this period, and it is a crucial step in the Launchpad process.

Deposit of $ORNJ

Starting from February 1, participants will be allowed to make deposits of the native token of Orange Crypto, $ORNJ. Users can then deposit their funds to participate in upcoming token sales or related activities.

Withdrawal of $ORNJ

Simultaneously with the opening of $ORNJ deposits on February 1, the Launchpad allows participants to begin withdrawing their $ORNJ tokens. This flexibility in timing will enable traders to manage their assets as needed, either by contributing to new projects or withdrawing their funds.

How to Participate

For BTC Users

    • Go to the project Dashboard.
    • Connect your BTC wallet (Leather, Xverse, Unisat, OKX, Bitget).
    • Connect your Stacks wallet (Leather, Xverse, Xverse Mobile, OKX, Asigna).
    • Choose the number of tickets you want.
    • Complete the registration process.
For Stacks Users
    • Visit the project Dashboard.
    • Connect your Stacks wallet.
    • If you don’t have $aBTC, use the Swap page:
    • Choose the number of tickets you want.
    • Complete the registration process.

Three Stages of $ORNJ IDO

Now, let’s come to the most important part, where we tell you how you can participate in different stages of the project. But the earlier you get in, the better it will be for you. The three stages of this IDO are:
    1. Community Stage
The IDO will kick off with the Community APower stage, spanning from Stacks block 136900 to 137380. This phase is scheduled to occur from January 25 to January 28. During this period, community members can participate in the IDO, indicating an inclusive approach to involving the project’s supporters in the early stages of token distribution.
    1. IDO Lottery Stage
Following the Community APower stage, the IDO Lottery stage is set to take place from Stacks block 137020 to 137380 from January 26 to January 28. This suggests a lottery-based system where participants have a chance to secure allocations based on a randomized selection process. It introduces an element of chance to the distribution of tokens, aiming to provide a fair opportunity for a diverse range of contributors.
    1. Whitelist Period
Subsequently, there is a Whitelist period scheduled from Stacks block 137500 to 137740, occurring between January 29 and January 30. Whitelisting typically involves pre-approval for participation, allowing individuals or entities to express their interest in the IDO before the official sale. Being on the whitelist may offer particular advantages or priority in token allocation.

ALEX Launchpad Buy-Back Protection

The ALEX Lab Foundation has implemented a Buy-Back Protection feature on its Launchpad to prioritize and safeguard its community’s interests. This protection mechanism comes into play if, one week following the Initial DEX Offering (IDO) distribution, the closing price of the IDO token, as quoted on CoinGecko, falls below the initial IDO price. In the event of the closing price dipping below the IDO price, a one-week buy-back protection scheme is activated. During this period, participants who opted in can sell back their IDO tokens at 90% of the initial IDO price. This provision aims to mitigate potential losses for participants during the immediate aftermath of the IDO. After the primary IDO stages of $ORNJ, a buyback period is scheduled from February 8 to February 14.

Wrapping Up the Launchpad and IDO Talk

So there you have it. Participating in the project isn’t very time-consuming, but the details you need to understand are a little extensive. We have summarized everything for you so you don’t have to go anywhere else to find out how you can participate in the IDO of $ORNJ on Alex Lab Launchpad. Visit our Website for more information.